Love Horoscopes (June 15th - 21st, 2015)

Love Horoscopes (June 15th – 21st, 2015)

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Hey there, beautiful people! The Zodiac Goddess is here on this week’s rundown for our most popular column at

It’s the good ol’ Love Horoscope write up with all the extras in between. First off, I want to thank ALL of you readers out there who have made this column of our publication such a hot commodity. This is the seventh week of our new segment already and you Queens out there keep us going strong!

Last week was an okay week for your girl Z. Well, I’ll say it was a little bit more than okay. The astrological world out there definitely had me with a higher level of sexual energy than usual. Sorry…but I just had to let that out.

A special someone acting on impulse gave me a great idea for fulfilling a mutual fantasy of ours. Things got really hot after coming back from a shopping spree at the Cumberland Mall. We basically spoiled each other rotten at that place.

If you live in the A, then you know what I’m talking about. Well anyway, we gets back to my place and Lord have mercy…let me save the rest of that story for my first provocative sex novel. Okay, now back to the weather report for this week’s universe.

A new moon linked to Mars is getting mighty busy in Gemini territory. That will cause an increase in a sense of urgency.

But when the Sun enters Cancer to begin the Summer Solstice, things are going to get really steamy. Stay cool and don’t let the sweat, I mean the heat get the best of you.

Let’s get into this week’s horoscopes before I start having to excuse myself again… Laters!

Gemini Love Horoscope (May 22nd to June 22nd)

The roller coaster rides you’ve been on these last few weeks have given you lots to think about. Time with friends has been helpful and you’ve been mixing with the crowd okay. However, it’s time to refocus. If you’re with a lover, test their ability to withstand certain inconvenient circumstances because I assure you, they’ll come up. Watch and see how they respond.

Cancer Love Horoscope (June 23rd to July 22nd)

Good times are coming up. You’ve been all work, no play for far too long. You more than deserve your time to bask in the lime and shine. So do it and do it well. Make sure your lover or love interest gets in on the action too.

Leo Love Horoscope (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Things are going to get much better but right now, you have to settle some scores. That means handle your personal issues that have been sitting on the back burner for a long time. Any lover that is not going to either (A. Give you the space to do it) or (B. Help you do it) should not be your lover at all.

Virgo Love Horoscope (August 23rd to September 23rd)

There’s a time for this and a time for that. But sometimes you don’t need to make an announcement before you do this or that. You just do it. Be a quiet storm to impress that special someone. Show them how it’s done before telling them.

Libra Love Horoscope (September 24th to October 23rd)

The boredom reality brings will strike at will. This is because your perception of reality is always on a collision course with the real thing. Listen when that special someone is letting you know when you’re veering off the edge. Be understanding and don’t take respectful criticism personal.

Scorpio Love Horoscope (October 24th to November 22nd)

The planetary existence is trying to push you toward making some drastic changes in your social circle. That is actually a good thing. It’s going to free up more space for you to be a better lover and appreciate your mate more. Don’t let those who are out of sync with nature keep you from being available to those who matter.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope (November 23rd to December 21st)

Nature seems to consistently keep you close to your trusty escape chute for anybody just in case somebody starts showing out. That is one of the best things about you. However, it can also be a weakness. Keep your poker face on but don’t let a joker have their way. Beat foolish would-be lovers at their own game.

Capricorn Love Horoscope (December 22nd to January 20th)

The female versions of your species are very dominant. Nature always has your kind on top of things, figuratively and literally… lol However, lately there has been a glitch in the galaxy. Don’t be bull-headed towards the would-be lover who would root for you more if you weren’t so bull-headed. If you listen, they’ll show you the way.

Aquarius Love Horoscope (January 21st to February 19th)

You’re definitely out with the old and in with the new.  Hopefully, your freshly molded social circle is able to help you shape your future. When it comes to your love life though, it might be time to choose a different environment that is outside your usual comfort zone. Your species can often volunteer to deal with the same old same old and still complain about it. Love is an adventure. Explore.

Pisces Love Horoscope (February 2oth to March 20th)

Nature has you feeling a little more laid back than usual this week. Such a feeling can make us all a little complacent. A good lover with some guts is just what your kind needs in times like these.  They’ll challenge you to be more adventurous and provide a new level of excitement. If you already have this kind of lover, take advantage!

Aries Love Horoscope (March 21st to April 20th)

Your energy level will also be limited going into this week because of your full-throttle binge last week. For your kind, that can be a good thing. You’re never the type to break for too long so enjoy some simplicity this week. A great lover will appreciate this. Dinners and movies at the house instead of on the go will definitely do.

Taurus Love Horoscopes (April 21st to May 21st)

Nature has been pushing people against you and you’ve definitely pushed them back. That’s what happens when people don’t know how to get what they want; they push against people who do. Don’t worry. Talk to your love interest about these things and open up to him or her. They will definitely have your back because they’ve had it before.

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