Will You and Your Man Breakup Soon? Facebook Claims It Can Tell

Will You and Your Man Breakup Soon? Facebook Claims It Can Tell

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Facebook is making a bold new claim. The now publicly traded social media conglomerate is saying that it knows virtually everything about you.

A new research study suggests that the Facebook gods of their network might be able to tell if your relationship will succeed or fail.

According to the New York Daily News, Jon Kleinberg of Cornell University and a Facebook engineer named Lars Backstrom conducted an analysis of 1.3 million random Facebook users.

These random users all named their significant others and spouses on their Facebook profile pages. Every last one of these Facebook users was at least 20 years of age. They also had Facebook friend lists that numbered between 500 and 2,000 people.

All of the data extracted by the researchers was used in an anonymous fashion.

After the researchers extracted their data from all the random Facebook users, they came up with an algorithm, which was able to accurately interpret who on the friend lists of the Facebook users was in a marriage with 60 percent of the time.

The researchers based all this on a metric they used called dispersion. This means they looked at the degree in which a couple’s mutual friends were related to each other.

The Facebook users that had a high amount of dispersion had a bigger chance of staying together than the couples with a lower amount of dispersion.

Basically, couples with a larger amount of mutual Facebook friends were deemed to have more lasting relationships than the couples with a smaller amount of mutual friends.

Couples who shared that they were “in a relationship” on Facebook had low dispersion rates. They also had a 50 percent higher risk of breaking up over the next 60 days than the couples with high dispersion rates. Kleinberg and Backstrom tracked all users every two months over a two-year period.

Kleinberg and Backstrom’s research paper for this study was published online in the fall of 2013. It was later presented at a convention on social computing in early 2014.

Proclaiming a deep connection to your spouse or significant other on social media can definitely validate the appearance of a solid relationship. However, this is not true for all cases, according to another study on this issue that was also conducted over the last two years.

Researchers at the world-renowned University of Oxford also analyzed social media’s effect on serious relationships.

The Oxford researchers concluded that people who interact with their significant other using channels like Twitter and Facebook were less satisfied with their relationships than couples who used more conventional communication methods.

“All the extra upkeep of so many separate channels gets cumbersome and undermines the relationship,” one of the Oxford researchers said.

The continued rise of social media usage is causing lots of study and it is also building a high level of curiosity. The medical industry, different industries of private business, and those who professionally study and analyze relationships are closely observing the many trends being detected on social media.

This will definitely be the case in the years to come as experts everywhere seek to make bold predictions about the future that are based on what people share on social media.

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