3 Things Jay Z and Beyonce Have Taught Us About Love and Marriage

3 Things Jay Z and Beyonce Have Taught Us About Love and Marriage

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The whole “power couple” thing seems to be the trend nowadays.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj hooked up after the “Anaconda” hit maker ditched her old boyfriend Safaree. Singer Ciara hooked up with Russell Wilson after going through it with her former boo/baby daddy Future. But it seemed like the celebrity power couple trend really got set when Jay Z and Beyonce hooked up a little over 10 years ago.

It all started when they dropped their first collaboration, “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” After topping the music charts together, the coveted duo eventually tied the knot. Their private but star-studded wedding in New York showed the world that the love they shared behind the scenes was official.

Almost four years after their marriage, Jay and Bee brought an adorable daughter named Blue Ivy into the world. Many pop culture magazines have called them the most powerful couple in entertainment. Fast forward to July 2015 and America’s favorite celebrity couple is still going strong.

I’m a huge fan of this power couple. I think we can all learn a few things by the way they navigated love.

Here’s the number one, and probably the most important thing we can learn from this couple.

1. Both partners should have their own money.

Long before they recorded their first hit together, Jay Z and Beyonce had successful music careers of their own.

With hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” Bee was dominating R&B and Pop music with Destiny’s Child.

Meanwhile, her future boo Jay Z was controlling the rap game. In 1998, he released his third major label album, “Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life.” In 1999, he added another platinum album to his collection of rap classics with “Vol. 3…Life and Times of S. Carter.”

So when they finally united as a couple they both had their own money to bring to the table.

Studies have shown that financial disagreements and arguments are one of the leading causes of divorce and breakups. So having your financial house in order before entering a serious relationship is a definite plus.

2. Both partners should be leaders in their own right.

Jay Z and Beyonce are living proof that you can make a big name for yourself by doing what you love and loving what you do. Not only that, they are leaders in the genres that they are operate in. And I’m not just talking about leading in album sales or touring revenue. Both of them are the main decision makers in the business ventures they take part in.

For an example, Jay Z and Beyonce were both listed as executive producers on their most recent albums.

Outside of music though, they both also take the lead in directing the creative visions for their other ventures. Which includes fragrances, clothing lines, and more.

When a man and woman know how to be bosses of their empires without having to boss each other around, look out!

Real relationships are based on two people knowing how to make each other better by lending support and motivation. I don’t know these two personally. However, I’m sure they get inspired when they see each other making individual power moves.

3. Keep relationship problems as private as possible.

There are definitely people out there who want to see you fail as a couple. Most relationships do breakup, most marriages do fail, and the failure numbers are even higher for celebrity couples.

However, Jay Z and Beyonce do the right thing by keeping things private even when the public gossip columns seem to know it all.

For an example, look what happened when the whole elevator incident popped off between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange. Both parties broke their silence to the media and shared the whole thing as a “family matter.” They refused to say who was in the wrong or what started the confrontation.

Both of them gave a minimum explanation to media sources and kept it moving. That is what team players are supposed to do. They don’t go public with a whole lot of details when it looks like the ship is hitting a rough spot. Jay Z and Beyonce obviously understand that what they have is far more important than giving inquiring minds something to hate on.

Follow this example and keep your relationship problems as private as possible.

No beefing on social media. No running and telling your friends and family members every time you and your man have a minor disagreement.


These three traits can apply to any couple.

Being duly independent, having joint leadership capabilities, and keeping negativity in your relationship as private as possible will work wonders for your love life. Mr. and Mrs. Carter are the perfect example of how doing these three things will keep your relationship intact.

Cheers to your relationship success.

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