4 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs Dating a Man....

4 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs Dating a Man….

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Hello to all you tantalizing ladies out there.

Thanks to all of you who stay reading, the number one source of relationship advice on the internet for black women. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a seasoned writer from the old school who goes by the name Jerome Martin.

I used to do guest columns for Jet Magazine way back in the day. I loved doing pieces for them here and there on things like marriage, manhood, raising chirren, and what not. Yes ma’am; I said chirren and not children. That’s how us Marvin Gaye and George Clinton-listening men folk get down.

You can call me an OG of sorts when it comes to laying the smack down on this here thing called love and romance.

Well anyway, I’m going to give the run down on how to choose right when you’re out here trying to find Mr. Right. Don’t worry; Romy Rome got your back. Peep game as I give you four huge red flags that you’re dating a boy instead of a man.

Let’s start with this…

1. Sex is a way to solve all his problems with you.

Having relations is in the top 10 of most people’s favorite things to do. As a matter of fact, it can be a good stress reliever when shared by two lovers who might be having a few problems or what not.

But let’s make this real clear; sex ain’t the antidote for fixing everything. Boys tend to feel like sex is the cure-for-all because they think with their tally wacker and not their brains. A man is going to make amends by listening to you, talking things through, and continuing to work on himself to prevent future turbulence.

2. He intentionally does things to make you jealous.

This is definitely a symptom of a boy who don’t know nothing about this here thing called manhood.

This is undeniable proof that he is full of insecurity, which is ALWAYS something that boys are dealing with. In good times and bad times, a man is going to cause other women to be jealous of you. He won’t cause you to be jealous of other women because of his actions.

3. He’s passive.

Man law number…well it’s a whole lot of man laws and I forgot which number this one is. Anyway, boys are always talking about what somebody is gonna let them do. They don’t ever take control of their own destiny. ¬†They’re steady worrying about what the next man or woman is doing and how it’s going to affect him. That’s that being passive ish there. Men are assertive. They blaze their own trail and let others watch. They’re not watching or worrying about what others got going on.

4. He recognizes you mostly for your looks.

We all know women for the most part, aspire to be pretty and beautiful in their own way. Society is constantly bombarding us with sexualized images of women. Big wig companies even use attractive women, often Photoshopped, in ads all the time to help market their products and services.

A boy feeds into that mind game and the only thing he shows appreciation for is your looks.

Looky here; a man is going to first and foremost look to compliment you on your mind and your spirit. Whoever told you that men are mostly visual creatures was feeding you some bullsh*t. Real men are working harder on peeping what kind of substance you have in addition to your beauty.


There are obviously a whole lot more things I could share with you about this really important comparison of boy vs man. Age alone does not make a member of the male species a man. A lot of times, these boys wasn’t raised right and they really don’t know no better. They probably didn’t have a real man in their life to school them on what manhood is all about. Hopefully, the four traits I described in this article helped you out a little bit. In this day and age, it’s crucial for you to inherit all the man you can in your Mr. Right. Lord knows real manhood is hard to find in 2015.

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