5 Things Guys Hate About Relationships...

5 Things Guys Hate About Relationships…

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When it comes to relationships, men and women have to work together to make it work.

But sometimes, women can over think certain things that men aren’t really stressing about.

The common phrase is that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” some think that cliche is true while others beg to differ.

The truth of the matter is that men aren’t as complicated as most people think. And building a successful relationship isn’t either.

It just takes a bit of understanding.

Below are five things women often do in relationships that drive their men crazy!

1. Obsessing over minor weight gain.

When men and women alike start getting past the age of 30, they start getting a little more rotund, especially around the abdomen. However, most of us out here are not Billy Blanks or Jillian Michaels when it comes to our physical shape.

So when our woman gets on the scale and is in a complete uproar over gaining five pounds over the last month it can become a bit annoying. This is especially the case when your man isn’t walking around looking like a male model his damned self lol. Hell, I like to drink beer with my barbecue on game day.

So I’m definitely not tripping if my woman gains a few pounds over the years. So if you’re into throwing tantrums every time the scale tips a little bit farther to the left, you’re definitely getting on your man’s nerves on the regular.

If you want to know what men really think if women’s bodies take a look at this.

2. Comparing your relationship to other people’s relationships.

A good relationship is one that is unique in its own way and stands out from others. So if you’re constantly talking about how your best friend’s boyfriend or husband does this or does that, you’re likely getting on your man’s nerves.

Most men hate being compared to other men because we for the most part, feel good about being our own person… (I guess I speak for the ones of us who aspire to be leaders and not followers.)

If you’re comparing your current man to a previous boyfriend, then you’re definitely going to push this guy toward an early exit.

The same goes for comparing you and your man’s relationship to the relationships you see on reality TV and movies. He just doesn’t want to hear it.

Everybody and every relationship is different and you should try to find out what makes your man and your relationship stand out instead of trying to see what they have in common with others.

3. Competing with social media for attention.

We all love Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. But ladies it drives your man crazy when you’re watching a movie or having dinner and you’re constantly updating your status. Log out every once in awhile lol. If you find that you can’t you might have a social media addiction.

4. Over apologizing.

There are certain times when disagreements or other miscommunications happen. It takes a real man or a real woman to step up to the plate and admit when they were wrong. That is how you move on and make things right.

However, apologizing over every little thing is not necessary. For example, let’s say a woman gets a phone call from her mother while her man is watching the football game. She may get a little excited during the phone call and go in another room to finish her conversation.

Then when she gets off the phone, she may come back up to her man and say sorry for the disturbance. Ten times out of ten, homeboy probably wasn’t even paying attention while his team’s star running back just scored a touchdown.

Apologizing for something like this at a time like that is probably not where it’s at.

5. Loss of individuality.

A real man is going to value space and freedom when time is available for him to have it. Real women feel the need for space too; especially ones with a full professional and family life on their plate.

With that being said, latching on to a man too much is not a great way to stay on his good side. In fact, if a guy tolerates you being overly clingy towards him, he’s probably not too strong mentally and definitely has some personal problems of his own.

Definitely avoid being super possessive toward a man if you really want to be with him for the long term. He craves individuality, space, and freedom.

Even people who have been together for what seems like an eternity have a healthy amount of time apart to help keep their union running smoothly.


The four things listed in this article are common in many relationships. Perfectly normal people have been through these things, so it’s not realistic to overreact if you notice a few in your relationship. One thing is for certain; all four of these scenarios can be worked out by two mature people who are very serious about helping one another sustain their love. Most of it is human nature. But getting a better understanding of your mate with time will help overcome anything that causes minor problems in the beginning.

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