6 Girlfriends No Guy Wants…

6 Girlfriends No Guy Wants…

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From TV shows to movies, we always hear about women having a list of requirements for a potential mate. But what about men?

Do they have certain criteria that a woman must or must not possess if they are going to take her serious?

The answer for most men is yes, and this list renders many women in the dating pool simply undateable.

Here are 6 girlfriends that no guy wants to marry or even date. Are you one of them?

1. The possessive girlfriend.

No matter how smart you are, being possessive will run guys away from you. If you are the type that likes calling your guy every now and then with a list of questions like “Where are you?”, “Who’re you with?”, “Why aren’t you calling or answering my calls?”, then you might be driving him away unknowingly.

If you want to patrol your boyfriend’s whereabouts throughout the day or want to keep a tab on who he is talking to, then be warned, you might be driving guys nuts.

Constantly asking where he’s at, who he’s with, checking his phone, interrogating him when he walks in, are all behaviors that make most guys feel trapped.

2. The dominating girlfriend.

This type of girlfriend quickly drives men out the door, usually in under a year by trying to make every decision for him.

What to eat, what to wear, when to do chores and who to associate with. She needs say so over all aspects of his life.

We actually list this as one of the 5 habits that can poison any relationship:

Two people in a relationship are supposed to be equals. Therefore, neither partner should be overly focused on managing the other. A loving relationship is a partnership. Partnerships don’t require one person to micromanage the other. Respect is not given mutually when one person feels as though they have to control the other. Being controlling is one of the most damaging things a person can do to their relationship.

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Unfortunately, this type of woman usually doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior and only takes it as “making sure things run smoothly”. A man in this situation usually grows tired of the controlling behavior and eventually exits the relationship.

3. The cry baby girlfriend.

The cry baby girlfriend throws a tantrum because of any small disagreement. Her most used weapons are the silent treatment and crocodile tears.

No real man wants a masculine woman. So I’m not saying there’s something wrong with being feminine and emotional. But, trying to manipulate him all the time with fake tears and other passive aggressive behaviors will no doubt lead to a breakup.

4. The “I have to change him” girlfriend.

This girlfriend pretends to love her man the way he is, all the while trying to subtly change everything about him so that he fits her idea of the “perfect man”.

The only type of man that craves this type of relationship is a insecure man.

If you are the type that wants to change his diet, wardrobe, hobbies, friends and music, then you can start preparing for a breakup now.

5. The jealous girlfriend.

This girlfriend can’t stand seeing her man talking to another woman. They are always suspicious of every girl who comes close to their man and would even accuse her man of seeing other women without any real evidence.

No matter how sincere and reassuring the man is, the jealous and mistrusting girlfriend will always accuse him of lying and cheating.

This type of relationship will drain anyone, and eventually they will walk away.

6. The ‘comparing’ girlfriend.

This girlfriend is constantly comparing her current boyfriend to her ex, or guys from TV shows or movies.

She says things like, “I wish you would bring me roses like he did.” while watching a scene from a romantic movie. What person wants to hear something like that? It’s like being told to your face that you just aren’t good enough.

Crazy thing is she’s probably truly in love with this guy. But, the grass is oh so greener on the other side, and slowly she will lose value for her partner.

Eventually, he will begin to feel as if this woman doesn’t really want to be with him and a breakup will quickly follow.


I sincerely hope you’re not one of the women listed above. If you are, it’s time to change your style, and it’s not hard to do. Life is all about growth, make this a step in your journey to becoming a better you.

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