Jet Mag Profiles Black Couple Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

Jet Mag Profiles Black Couple Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

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Jet Magazine is one of my most favorite black-owned publications of all time.

I can vividly remember being a little girl at my great grandma’s house leafing through all the interesting stuff she always had to read on her living room coffee table. The Jet issues I came across never ceased to entertain.

I got a thrill out of seeing the wonderful articles profile black culture, our historical accomplishments, music, and beauty. To this day, I still follow Jet Magazine even though they have shifted their weekly issues from physical copies to digital magazine editions.

Recently on I came across a very inspiring interview of a black couple that we can all learn a few things about love and marriage from.

Floyd and Rosalyn Crumble, both 70 years old, were the two people interviewed for Jet’s story. This August, the Crumbles will be celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary!

They were engaged for seven months prior to tying the knot on their big day. The Crumbles are both natives of Virginia and currently reside there. Mr. Crumble is an information technology business consultant.

Mrs. Crumble is a retired civil service worker for the U.S. Department of Defense. The couple has one daughter and one grandson. Mr. and Mrs. Crumble met each other in 1963 at Keesler Air Force Base located in Biloxi, Mississippi.

At the time, they worked in a building at Keesler Air Force Base. A friendship sparked when they found out they were both natives of Virginia.

“I was convinced that Rosalyn was the one when we car pooled together from Mississippi to Virginia on Christmas vacation during military leave in 1964,” said Mr. Crumble.

“We spent approximately 24 hours in a car together, which gives you the opportunity to get to know someone better,” he continued. Mrs. Crumble, a beautiful woman who looks much younger than her 70 years also talked about her blessing of a marriage to her husband Floyd.

“Because we were so far from home, we had a small wedding when you consider the number of guests, ” Mrs. Crumble said.

“Most of the attendees were military friends and their families. I think the most memorable moment for me, other than becoming Mrs. Crumble, was when our mothers met for the first time. They seemed to become instant friends, which was important to me,” she continued.

In a joint statement, Mr. and Mrs. Crumble gave some helpful advice to young couples who are experiencing the honeymoon phase of their marriages. When asked what kind of advice they’d give, the Crumbles replied:

Remember that marriage is the coming together of two individuals that bring their background experiences and opinions to the union. Be respectful of each other’s opinions and work towards solutions and positions that you both can accept. Marriage is a work in progress that constantly requires a lot of give and take. Most of the time it requires more give than take.

Sound advice from two wise elders who have given this world a wonderful example of black love.

Though the image of the traditional black family structure is becoming less socially accepted, the Crumbles are proof that black love still lives and is thriving all across the country.

Happy Anniversary Floyd and Rosalynn!

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