Love Horoscopes ( July 13th - July 19th, 2015)

Love Horoscopes (July 13th – July 19th, 2015)

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What’s up, folks? Right now I’m drowning in some angry “apple cider” trying to wind down after what has been a rough week for The Zodiac Goddess.

Yeah, it’s been a seven-day roller coaster ride for a good while to say the least. The first work day back after the holiday weekend is a mess in itself. Nobody ever wants to go back to the same old office bull crap that was popping off before the weekend went into effect.

On top of that, the very same girl who started the madness saw fit to continue to bring her problems from home to the workplace all through the week. I don’t know about ya’ll but I don’t do these people who haven’t figured out how to keep their personal life out of their place of business.

Rule number one. When you introduce your co-workers to your “boyfriend” at a company get together, make sure your thirst trapping boy toy has some home training. Honestly, I think this heifer already knew her Lil’ Bow Wow hump dog knew this broad.

So while knowing that, why would you even entertain bringing your personal crumb cake along for a little workplace show and tell day? I don’t understand these little girls who act like they can’t tell the difference between a bowl of Trix and and a box of Wheaties.

Anywho, enough about my stormy workplace seven-day forecast. Let’s get into the weekly universe projections. Expect the truth to either set you free, hurt you, or keep you bound for the next seven days.

Venus will be battling Saturn on Tuesday so things could get rough around the edges. After that, Mars will be beefing with Pluto, which will cause people to be contentious. Mercury will also be on a collision course with Pluto and Mars too.

Things will even out at the end of the week when Venus comforts her presence by entering into Virgo country. Don’t ride your brakes but don’t speed either, people. Love is still a two-way street. Enjoy this week’s horoscopes and please, don’t bring foreign people who should stay strangers into your breadwinning business. Wooosah! Lol Love ya’ll!

Cancer Love Horoscope (June 23rd to July 22nd)

Things have not always went as planned. This reality might put you in a phase where you feel like you’re back to square one. Don’t worry; just continue as planned. Being able to improvise when life throws a curve ball is a great skill. Use it to your advantage.

Leo Love Horoscope (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Dreams will often fit into your real life when the time is right. Recently, that has been the case with you. Before you go forward though, plan ahead. Prevent any nightmare you may have had from becoming a reality. Nature will help you.

Virgo Love Horoscope (August 23rd to September 23rd)

Nature has caused people to gravitate toward you so strongly that there has seemed like a tug-of-war is going on with you. You’ve definitely been the rope they have been tugging on. Definitely learn how to say no. Don’t allow people without any direction to fool you into making them a priority.

Libra Love Horoscope (September 24th to October 23rd)

You definitely have been experiencing a healthy amount of calm lately. This may be due to your moves toward getting some important issues taken care of. Keep this trend up. Get ready for the road ahead by keeping your eyes on the big picture.

Scorpio Love Horoscope (October 24th to November 22nd)

You’re becoming very consumed by your profession. You haven’t had a lot of time for more leisurely things. Don’t allow this to wreck your love life. Use patience and focus on people who will ad to a celebratory life, not take away from it.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope (November 23rd to December 21st)

The temptation to join mischief will definitely be presenting itself to you in the days to come. It will be hard to resist it because you’ll have a dog in the fight at times. Ignore ALL of it. Focus on productivity over social engagement.

Capricorn Love Horoscope (December 22nd to January 20th)

Your family and social circle has been gravitating toward you for guidance. That is good because it proves your leadership qualities. However, sometimes you have to pump your breaks. Let some of these people bump their heads on their own.

Aquarius Love Horoscope (January 21st to February 19th)

You have been experiencing the setbacks you deal with when you tolerate people who don’t listen. That is always a challenge and it puts unnecessary bullsh*t in your life. Hang in there, water warrior. People that value your communication will show up and show out with their actions, not their words.

Pisces Love Horoscope (February 20th to March 20th)

Anxiety has ruled your reality as of late. It will take a little while for you get over the issues that have brought it on. However, keep moving in the direction you’re going love-wise. You will end up right where you need to be because of your intuition. Keep using it wisely.

Aries Love Horoscope (March 21st to April 20th) 

You are not shy about being a risk taker and some people will hate on you for that. This has definitely been the case lately. Well tell the haters to take that doubt and shove it up their rear. Never stop doing what you feel by listening to people who don’t have those kind of liberties or guts.

Taurus Love Horoscope (April 21st to May 21st)

The ship has been sailing just fine but your kind can get bored very easily. You might get tempted to start drilling tiny holes in the ship just so you can see if you’ll survive sinking just before hitting the shore. Don’t cause turmoil to survive it just to prove to everybody that you’re strong. Walk away from people who cause that kind of frustration and idle time.

Gemini Love Horoscope (May 22nd to June 22nd)

Balance has come for you at an opportune time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of it. Don’t get blindsided by people who poorly manage their time. Watch out for the person who had more to take than give.

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