Seduce Him Like a Pro: 5 Unforgettable Ways to Turn Your Man On

Seduce Him Like a Pro: 5 Unforgettable Ways to Turn Your Man On

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Hello again, ladies! Here at, I’m usually on duty as the Love Horoscopes columnist.

Today however, I’m filling in for one of my gal pals at the site to drop some knowledge in the love department. This posting will talk about some different and effective ways you can wow your man. The key to seducing the male species is setting yourself apart from other women.

Beauty alone is not enough to hold a man’s fiery attention forever. It can attract him, but you have to master other bold and provocative moves to keep him burning with passion. Sometimes, all it takes is a flurry of seductive words to wow us women. Men, on the other hand, love visuals and actions.

Here are five ways to seduce a man to weakness… Enjoy, my Queens!

1. Write him a steamy, sexy letter or short story.

Seduce Him Like a Pro: 5 Unforgettable Ways to Turn Your Man On

I’m a writer by trade. Therefore, I know the power of putting the right words together.

This skill can be especially powerful when used to entice your man.

Reel him into submission by writing him a hot and passionate love letter. Or you can take it a step further instead by writing a sexy short story scripting you as the leading woman. Drop some juicy lines revealing what you’d do to him in a racy setting he’ll never forget.

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2. Give him a ring while he’s on the job.

If you’re in a serious relationship or you’ve been dating him for awhile, you’re definitely aware of his regular work schedule by now.

Catch him off guard with a seductive phone call while he’s at his place of employment. Don’t be all the way random though. Find out when he usually takes his break or when things hit a slow period on the job. You can even drop a sexy text bomb on him instead. Let him know that you love that he’s working hard…but let him know you’ll work him harder…

3. Perform house chores…with a kinky twist.

Men always have their little list of requirements when it comes to their ideal woman. They always have their most common one: “She has to know how to cook and keep a house in order.” Women need to be doing that for themselves, by the way. Not just for some man.

Anywho, say he’s coming home, and you purposely put off cooking and cleaning until around the time he comes in.

Here’s the killer part…you do the cleaning and cooking totally naked. I assure you that he won’t be complaining about the house not being clean or the food being halfway cooked. He’ll definitely enjoy the show as dinner is making its way to the table.

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4. Tell him what you want NOW in his ear…in a public place.

Seduce Him Like a Pro: 5 Unforgettable Ways to Turn Your Man On

This is a simple but very effective way to dazzle him and put his brain in a choke hold. At a public place, catch him off guard by saying in his ear what you want him to do him.

Think of something that he does in bed that you love but probably haven’t told him. Whisper something like, “It makes me so (fill in the blank) when you (fill in the blank).” Chances are he’ll be eager to do exactly what you want him to do as soon as the time comes.

5. Use a little self-stimulation.

As I said before, actions invoke men more than words or passiveness. Sometimes the feeling will strike when you and him least expect it.

Maybe the two of you are together watching reruns of an old sitcom you both enjoy. Then all of a sudden, you get that random urge to go a few short rounds. Instead of kissing him, touching him, or saying you’re turned on, just start getting yourself off out the blue right in front of him. He’ll be caught totally off guard and will be very excited to help you with your climax.


These are a few things you can do to keep that spice in your love life, and in your bedroom. Be bold, be beautiful, be seductive, and be unpredictable.

As our writer Quentin Witt said a few weeks ago, “Sexual attraction and satisfaction for a man is about so much more than what happens between the sheets.”

I agree 100%.

That’s why we both recommend that our readers check out “How to Make Him Sexually Obsessed With You… Without Even Touching Him…

If you really want to take your sexual prowess to the next level and really blow his mind, there’s no better place to start…

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