Study: Women More Likely to Cheat Than Men

Study: Women More Likely to Cheat Than Men (Do you believe it?)

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I’ll admit it, when it comes to relationships and cheating, we women tend to come off as the innocent ones.

In society we’re constantly bombarded with the stereotype of all men being dogs. But is the stereotype really true?

The other day while surfing the internet for a story to give my content manager, I found what seems to be proof that dispels this myth.

Not too long ago, Your Tango¬†published an article that reported the results of an interesting poll. The study was conducted by a firm of British dating experts called Coffee & Company. Exactly 3000 people took the firm’s poll and reported their answers to Coffee & Company.

The poll results told a different story than what women are accustomed to hearing. Only nine percent of the study’s men reported that they would have an affair with a woman that they fell for outside of their relationship. Here’s the kicker though.

A whopping 25 percent of the study’s women said they would absolutely positively cheat with an outside man who went out of his way to interest her. The women who claimed this damning truth about themselves were all aged between 35 and 40, according to Your Tango.

The biggest causes for female infidelity included things like emotional neglect, physical neglect, and a desire for a more exciting sexual experience. When the sexual experiences women shared with their men become predictable and more dull, they feel the desire to seek sex elsewhere.

Sounds like some of these women out here need to perform a serious and thorough reality check. Relationships take dedication, time, and effort. Life happens and men aren’t going to be in the mood to infinitely please us all the time. If you’re with a working man like I am, you have to take his feelings into account after a busy and tiring day as well.

Also, be careful ladies. Men are far less forgiving than us women are. Only 15 percent of the men who took this survey said they would take their woman back if they found out she cheated. What’s wrong is wrong. Don’t risk a good thing at home for a flame that might burn out a few months later.

So my question is, do you believe the results of this study? Do women cheat more than men? Let us know in the comments below.

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