The 5 Times of Year You're Most Likely to Break Up

The 5 Times of Year You’re Most Likely to Break Up

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Breaking up at any time of the year is always a hard thing to do. Regardless of what you’re going through, many stressors can take their toll and lead you down the road of breaking up.

But according to a recent study there are five times of the year where break ups are most likely to occur. Here they are depicted in the infographic below:


Here are three things to know:

  • Christmas day is the least common day to call time on a relationship but two weeks before the big day is one of the most popular.
  • People seem to be more content in their relationships during the summer months but lots of couples break up on April Fools Day.
  • Infographic was compiled by London-based data journalists from Facebook status updates.

Looking at the data myself, I came up with some good reasons why relationships might come to an end at these five different times.

Below is a list of the five most common times break ups occur and why they rear their ugly heads.

New Year’s Day

January 1st is always a big day for people. It’s the time when people are looking for a fresh start and a new them. By this time, the break neck hustle and bustle of the previous Christmas shopping season has definitely taken it’s toll. Sometimes, break ups on this day can be a simple case of out with the old and in with the new.

Valentine’s Day

Here’s to the bittersweet cupid day. Unfortunately, this day comes with a spot on the list. Having a Valentine to wine or dine can be a trendy thing and people often hastily make the decision to get one so they don’t feel left out of the holiday. According to the experts, this is also a day when those hasty flings commonly come to an end.

The Entire Month of March

The third month of the year is a signal period for many things. It’s the end of the first calendar quarter. This is usually when business people get a baseline for what might happen for the rest of the year. For lovers, it’s usually the time for the proverbial spring cleaning; both at the crib and in life.

The Beginning of November

This is the time of year when people are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Ahead of the upcoming feeding frenzy (both in food and in the amount of money spent), lovers are usually quarreling over the precursors to the final meltdown.

The Middle of December

Mid-December is a convenient time to throw in the towel for many reasons. Here’s my take on the most common break up scenario. Christmas is usually the holiday where people go all out spending wise when it comes to gifts. The jaded lover may often hit the panic button to avoid having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a person they’re just not meant for.


It’s best you pay close attention to your relationship around these 5 times of year to avoid falling victim to the stressors and trends that lead to break ups. Knowing is half the battle. Use the info to your advantage.

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