The Truth About Why so Many Beautiful, Educated, and Successful Women Are Still Single

The Truth About Why So Many Beautiful, Educated, and Successful Women Are Still Single

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So last night I struck up a conversation with a young woman. She was insanely beautiful, smart, no signs of ratchetness, and had her own money…

A dream come true for almost any man. I expected a wedding ring, no way she was still available. But she was. This beautiful, smart, and successful woman was still single…

That made me ponder the question: Why are so many good women still single?

I mean, we get dozens of emails every week from young women that would be a blessing to any man’s life, but they are seemingly overlooked on the dating scene or have been mistreated so many times that they would rather be single than go through another failed relationship.

It’s as if 80% of the good girls are single, 5% have found the man of their dreams, and the other 15% are settling for a n*gga that ain’t shit lbvs.

But I ask again, why are so many beautiful, educated, and successful women still single?

This is the answer I came up with:

  1. Because a good woman has her own money. So she can’t be controlled and manipulated by a man’s bank account.
  2. Because a good woman isn’t stupid. You can’t tell a good woman anything and treat her any type of way. You gotta be 110% which is hard for a lot of guys to do.

So ladies what do you all think? Does this sound like the reason? Drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter.

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