4 Sneaky Tactics Cheaters Use to Hide Their Infidelity...

4 Sneaky Tactics Cheaters Use to Hide Their Infidelity…

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In today’s uncertain world of dating and marriage, having a 100 percent faithful partner is very rare. (If you found one hold onto him)

In the old days without social media and all these new impersonal forms of communication, cheaters put a lot less effort into hiding their hurtful deeds.

But enter the modern world.

To hide their dirt these days, cheaters will work like they’re getting time and half on a Christmas Saturday after a 50-hour work week.

Things are so messed up on the dating and marriage scene today that infidelity is actually encouraged. There are even websites that will help you cheat and stay discrete! A controversial and famously acclaimed website named prides itself on being the best provider of illicit affairs.

Ashley Madison’s simple but popular tagline is, “Life is short. Have an affair.” They’ve been profiled by news channels and cable TV shows across the country.

But here’s the shocking and most disgusting part…

More than 38.4 million anonymous people are members of Ashley Madison’s cheater’s club. Here recently Ashley Madison polled over 100,000 of its members on infidelity. The poll asked users to dish out their secret recipes on how to perfectly hide an affair.

Below are four of the most popular tactics these cheaters used to hide their infidelity.

Get ready to be amused, confused, and a bit disgusted.

1. They conceal relevant info. 

Eleven percent of the anonymous pollsters revealed that they concealed key information from the person they were cheating with to avoid getting caught. Information such as they’re wife or girlfriend’s place of employment, home address, and child’s name was not disclosed prior to and after the sinful rendezvous.

In a book written by one of these anonymous pollsters titled, “The Cheaters Manual: The Ultimate Guide To Cheating On Your Spouse And Getting Away With It….

The author “Matthew Doe” (A man that has been proudly cheating on his wife for 7 years) explains that cheaters should always follow this rule:

Your mistress shouldn’t know details about your wife and her life. Personal details about your wife should be territory you refuse to enter.

Your family business is your family business, your mistress shouldn’t know about your kids bad grades or the argument you had with your spouse last night.

Wow… That’s all I have to say about that…

2. They go the extra mile.

Nine percent of the Ashley Madison users who took the poll said that they chose secret lovers who lived far away from their city.

This step was taken to avoid running into familiar people that could reveal their cheating ways to their spouse.

This tactic was also explained by Matthew Doe in his book:

Don’t go to your usual hangouts with your mistress or places you know friends or family frequent, in fact it’s best that you go on dates and meet up in the next town or county over.

Strictly follow this rule, breaking it will surely lead to disaster.

Side Note: Most cheaters don’t use condoms… Now this is why trifling people are still spreading STDs out here. Amazingly, only five percent of these conniving pollsters claimed that they used condoms to prevent pregnancies and STDs. So I guess the other 95 percent were out here raw dogging and putting their significant other at risk….UGH!!

3. They never use debit or credit cards to pay for dates.

Only two percent of the cheaters who took the poll said they avoided blowing their cover by using cash to pay for hotels or meals at fancy restaurants. Charging expenses to a debit or credit card leaves a paper trail and gives an exact record of what money was spent on and where it was spent at.

Breaking News: was recently hacked and user information was stolen. The hackers are threatening to release the information of AshleyMadison’s more than 38 million members if the website isn’t shut down immediately! Oh I know a lot of people out there are sweating right now lol. Click here for the full story.

4. They tighten their phone security.

Six percent of the cheating respondents said that they actually bought a second phone or used phone apps like TextFree for communication. This way they could maintain communication with their sidepiece(s) without detection.


Giving someone the key to your heart and trust is an emotionally risky thing to do. The man of your dreams could become the boy of your nightmares literally overnight.

But in essence, that is what it is. A guy who is confident in himself (and you), knows what he wants out of life, and only has time for you is essentially a MAN. A boy is confused, indecisive, lacks confidence in himself, and is unsure of what he wants in life. Those kinds are the biggest cheaters and honey, they will fail you every time. Don’t put your heart under lock and key for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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