4 Signs He's Bored With Your Sex Life

4 Signs He’s Bored With Your Sex Life

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Hello once again to all of my succulent, savory, and sappy slices of female specimen in the cyber world today.

This is Mr. Luscious giving his lessons in Love 101 and class is definitely in session. I’ll start off by giving a pop quiz on our last subject on how to tell a chicken dinner from a winner. Matter of fact, this ain’t no quiz. I’ll just ask a quirstion.

Yes I said quirstion, not question. That’s just how us Easter everyday-dressing, old school car-driving men folk get it on. Let me go on ahead and break it down. Have you been sensing that your man might be less interested in your love life than he was when ya’ll first started getting freaky deeky?

Has he appeared to be bored, less excitable, or unadventurous when it comes to what be happening in the bedroom? Maybe I’m asking too much or maybe you haven’t even noticed it yet. On the real, sometimes men try to hide thangs and what not ’cause they afraid of hurting your heart.

If this is the case, then you definitely need to hear this new article of mine out. Do you think your man might be losing interest in your love down below? If so, here are four signs that will undoubtedly reveal his true feelings.

1. He doesn’t return the favor.

Now here’s what I mean by this. Making love is all about reciprocity. The truth is, you ain’t got no business doing to him what he won’t do to you. It’s all about the giving and it’s all about the taking. Case in point: If you spend a long time feasting on his downtown corridor, but he hardly ever has a taste of your Red Light District, he might be getting bored with chasing your waterfall.

2. He spends time watching flicks over being with you.

Stop the press…don’t get me wrong. I ain’t saying there’s something wrong entertaining the erotic world of freaky flicks. Matter of fact, doing so alongside your man of choice is probably a good idea. It could possibly add some much needed spice to your love life. However, if you catch your man entertaining the likes of let’s say Bethany Benz on film instead of the likes of you more regularly, then it’s a good sign he’s bored.

3. He stops complimenting you on your looks.

Looks alone will get a man’s attention. But sometimes, a man will tell you what he knows you want to hear for the purpose of one thing: To see how you work what’s in them jeans. However, when he really thinks you’re beautiful and tells you regularly even after he’s gotten the goodies, then he’s probably the real deal.

But if he ain’t telling you anything of a sort like he was before ya’ll hit it off, then it’s probably because he ain’t feel that way in the first place. If he gets a piece of that work but is unimpressed, don’t look for him to call or text you back anytime soon, which brings me to my next sign…

4. He isn’t returning your calls or text messages in a timely manner.

The famous and legendary Bay Area rapper Too Short aka Shorty the Pimp titled one of his classic albums with a true-to-life name: Get In Where You Fit In. When it comes to this here thing called life, you definitely have to let the chips fall where they fit.

But in a real relationship, your partner is another part of you. Therefore, they should fit easily into your life.

When you call or text him only to get a response hours later, the thrill is gone. There are a very small amount of believable excuses to give after this ish has happened over and over again.


Actions always have and always will speak louder than words. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when a guy loses his physical attraction to you.

Ya’ll women is the same way. When you’re just not into him on the physical tip like that anymore, ya’ll will either find ways to let him down easy or wait till it’s a convenient time to crush him while letting him know that he’s cumming up shote. Yes, I said shote and not short lol.

Anyways, life is too short to deal with a man who clearly ain’t feeling you in the bedroom.

If this is a long term relationship or marriage and you think you’re just dealing with a sexual rut I suggest you check out this article here to spice things up.

There’s also numerous books out there created for this sole purpose.

On the other hand, If it’s not a long term relationship I suggest you just let it go. Don’t ask him and don’t tell him. Let him skate to the next skeezer who might suit his fancy. One man’s trash is the next man’s jewels.

Ya’ll ladies be blessed out there. Romy Rome gonna holla at’cha later.

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