5 Ways Time Apart Improves Your Relationship

5 Ways Time Apart Improves Your Relationship

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Did you know that spending time apart could greatly improve your relationship?

Although most people think they should spend more time together to improve their relationship, this notion is often wrong and at best a half truth.

Time spent apart allows your mind to unwind and reboot, thus helping you to focus more clearly on the things you value about your relationship.

As the saying goes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

There is no denying that a little distance will do your relationship a lot of good.

Here are the 5 reasons why.

1. It helps you connect more deeply.

As you spend time apart, you enjoy a greater connection with yourself and thus can enjoy a greater connection with your partner.

Self discovery is always a good way to see the great things in yourself and others and this does not only affect your romantic relationship but all the rest of your personal and family relationships.

2. It helps you appreciate your partner more.

Truth be told, we all grow familiar with, and often tired of someone or something that we spend too much time with. Whether it is a food, toy, or person. Too much time makes us lose some appreciation for it.

Give yourself a one week vacation apart to reinvigorate.

As you spend some time apart, you will start realizing the value of the relationship you share with each other.

It is at this point that you start missing your partner and longing for some time together and this is very healthy for your relationship. The next time you start growing a bit tired of your partner, take some time apart and watch the magic happen.

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3. It helps reduce stress levels.

Your relationship puts some level of stress on you whether it’s a good relationship or not, especially when it comes to time and energy.

This demand can easily translate into pressure on the relationship.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you still spend time apart enjoying the hobbies you enjoyed before you began the relationship.

This will allow you to de-clutter and unwind, thus enjoying a better focus on yourself, your partner and your relationship.

4. It helps prevent neediness and promotes individuality.

Being in a relationship makes you a bit dependent on the other person. However, as you spend some time apart from your partner, you tend to reduce your dependence on the other person and become a little bit more self-sufficient.

5. Better sex!

Time apart from each other has a way of igniting the bedroom.

There’s nothing like seeing your partner for the first time after a week or two hiatus… Have fun with this one…


It is very important to balance between spending time together and giving each other breathing space. By finding the right mix, you will enjoy a healthier relationship.

Don’t be afraid, it is an essential ingredient that will keep your relationship strong.

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