Love Horoscopes (August 31st - September 6th, 2015)

Love Horoscopes (August 31st – September 6th, 2015)

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Hey gang! We’re back again with some more horoscopes at

As I said last week, the universe had some friction in store for us. It starts on Monday (don’t we all hate that day) with a confrontation between The Sun and Neptune. This will create uncertainty in your relationship so be on the look out for that.

Don’t get too caught up in confusion. All you have to do is ask questions. The good news is that Venus (with her hot ass) will be moving and grooving around the cosmos something serious.

Plan ahead for some sexual excitement on the Labor Day weekend. Sometimes you just gotta take care of those needs…especially us women…tripping and acting snappy at everything knowing damn well all we need is a little skeet skeet.

Anywho, let me stop being nasty and get into this week’s Love Horoscopes. I’ll holla! (In my Cedric the Entertainer voice)

Virgo Love Horoscope (August 23rd to September 23rd)

You either clearly see your role in your relationship or definitely know your value as a single person. Everything in life has been pretty understandable. Challenge yourself by taking on a little more responsibility. After that, definitely take a little time to play hard this upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

Libra Love Horoscope (September 24th to October 23rd)

Relaxation has been a big priority for you. It has helped you recharge and raise your level of focus. Now that you’ve gotten back into your element, it’s time to tap into what really makes you happy. Start with a hobby or regular outing that puts you in the company of some very creative people.

Scorpio Love Horoscope (October 24th to November 23rd)

You’re being misunderstood left and right. No one seems to have a clue about who or what you really are. Don’t worry so much about it. Take comfort in knowing there’s a love interest there who is more valuable than everybody and understands exactly who you are.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope (November 24th to December 21st)

You feel like you’ve gotten a lot off your chest. The old saying goes, “The truth shall set you free.” Use your new found freedom wisely. Avoid excessive spending and choose a love interest that is financially literate if you are single.

Capricorn Love Horoscope (December 22nd to January 20th)

Everybody is putting on a show, huh? At work, at church, or anywhere that has a socially mixed environment, people seem to be overstating who they really are. Don’t fall for any of that hype! Avoid confrontation by ignoring obvious foolishness. Definitely don’t bring these environments home if you have a mate.

Aquarius Love Horoscope (January 21st to February 19th)

You probably haven’t done anything exciting lately. The upcoming Labor Day weekend is your time to do so. There will be a whole lot going on that you can go be a part of. Choose festivities full of people in your age group. Embrace a more mature love interest for a change if you’re single.

Pisces Love Horoscope (February 20th to March 20th)

Feeling like you just want to explode after this past week? If so, it may be because of your willingness to entertain someone that you should have let go of. Stop putting yourself in close proximity with this person. Make room for someone that is looking for a fresh start.

Aries Love Horoscope (March 21st to April 20th)

Your decision to take action on a lingering legal matter is going to pay off. The opportunity to lighten your load will lead to a better life for you. Don’t worry about things that lead to doubt. Take comfort in the fact that useful people are in your corner or just a phone call away.

Taurus Love Horoscope (April 21st to May 21st)

Your hard head just made you a soft ass. It’s in your nature to buck against people places and things that will buck you back harder. Slow your roll. Be thankful for the things you have in life that you didn’t have not too long ago.

Gemini Love Horoscope (May 22nd to June 22nd)

Time is running out for you to do something about a financial issue that is going to come up in your future. Instead of trying to kick the can down the road, try reasoning with someone you’ve tried to ignore. This person has the key to averting disaster. Swallow your pride.

Cancer Love Horoscope (June 23rd to July 22nd)

It’s been all work and no play. You needed that opportunity to grind because you haven’t been able to get much help from someone who should be helping you. Don’t worry. The upcoming holiday weekend is going to give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself with someone who will offer you plenty.

Leo Love Horoscope (July 23rd to August 22nd)

You’ve been dealing with a new love interest who is very unstable. They look good on the outside but their lack of direction sucks. Don’t be too patient with this person. Talk to them about what has helped you stay so successful. Maybe it will rub off on them.

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