5 Reasons Why Being Single Isn't All That Bad!

Single Isn’t a Curse: 5 Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t All That Bad!

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Perhaps you are lying in bed, feeling sad that you are spending another night alone. You’re thinking wouldn’t it be better if I had someone special to snuggle up to? Someone to bring you breakfast in bed in the mornings? Well, stop those thoughts right now! There are plenty of reasons why being single really isn’t all that bad. If you don’t believe us, keep on reading!

1. You can enjoy ‘me’ time.

Being in a relationship can be demanding and extremely time consuming, especially when it comes to moving in together. Choosing the single route allows you to spend time on yourself. Whether it’s enrolling yourself onto that part-time college course that you’ve always wanted to do or just spending the night pampering yourself, you have time. Being single allows you to be as selfish as you want and focus on yourself without having to compromise.

2. Singles get to enjoy dating and meet more people.

Unlike those in a relationship, you have the opportunity to enjoy dating, as little or as often as you like! Dating is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of being single. The best thing about dating is that even if you don’t meet the love of your life straight away, you can still enjoy yourself. Dating allows you to gain a clear idea of which kind of person you want and of course the whole experience will shape you as a person and build your confidence. There are many ways to get into the dating scene, from your friend setting you up, to online dating sites or speed dating nights. Dating like-minded people is easier than ever thanks to the Internet and social media sites.

3. Single people are more likely to achieve their professional goals.

Regardless of the field that they work in, many professionals have agreed that being in a relationship can lead to their work goals being side-lined. Especially when couples are going through a rough patch, relationships can be career damaging. You could miss out on your dream promotion all because you’ve been distracted by relationship troubles, fortunately that’s not a problem if you’re single! Personal growth is extremely important for a person’s well being and is primarily achieved through a career.

4. You learn to appreciate the important people in your life.

When you’re in a relationship your partner tends to become the center of your attention and subsequently everyone else can sometimes get pushed aside. This is due to the fact that preserving romantic relations is prioritised over all other relationships with your family and friends. When you don’t have a partner, you have more time to focus on maintaining and building your relationships with other people. As a result you will have a network of support, which lasts a lifetime. Although, you could try online dating and still avoid a relationship, meaning you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

5. You will have more money in your purse!

You are more likely to have more money in your pocket if you are single than those in relationships! The majority of relationships are costly. There are anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas presents and not to mention Valentines Day. All of these events can lead to a huge dent in your purse or wallet. Unless you’re lucky and find a partner that doesn’t enjoy gifts and surprises, it’s unlikely that your bank balance will stay healthy.


So there you have it, 5 very good reasons why being single really isn’t that bad after all! Embrace the single life don’t dwell on it! If you’re still not convinced or satisfied, then why not give African dating, black dating or Jamaican singles dating sites a try? Remember that you don’t need to commit to a relationship; you can simply enjoy the process of meeting lots of new people and experience life, without all the complications!

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