Study Shows Men Prefer [Blank] Women As "Keepers"

Study Shows Men Prefer [Blank] Women As “Keepers”

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Every man has that Hollywood crush of his with the A-list looks who gets her face and body plastered all over magazines and TV.

She may be a movie star like Halle Berry or a singer like Beyonce. She could also be that hot journalist or news anchor. You might even tune in to that particular channel for the eye candy only without giving a damn what’s on the news.

Society subconsciously trains men to desire gorgeous women with flawless looks and perfect bodies. Such qualities are regarded as more feminine and desirable. However, when it comes to getting that “keeper,” science says men set a different standard when it comes to women.

According to a recent study by two British universities (University of Stirling and the University of Glasgow), men prefer less attractive women when they’re looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

But when it came to more attractive women who were popularly regarded as more desirable, the heterosexual male participants in this study claimed that such women were only good for “summer flings.”

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The results of this study were published in the British Journal of Psychology. During the study, several hundred men were given pictures of women’s faces and were asked whether they would “bed” or “wed” the women in the picture.

Less attractive women were regarded by the men in the study as more genuine and loyal. The study’s lead researchers also concluded that men play a more “Machiavellian” game on the dating scene.

Men typically tried to avoid being “discovered” on the dating scene and they selected less attractive women for monogamous relationships to avoid their chances of being cheated on. In an interview with Your Tango, one of the study’s lead researches quoted:

“Our study suggests that one of the reasons men like feminine [faces] more for short-term relationships is that they are seen as less likely to be faithful and more likely to be promiscuous. It follows that, perhaps, feminine women may increase their attractiveness as long-term partners by giving off signals that they are likely to be faithful to a particular man.”

I’ll tell you, looking over this whole study had me scratching my head. Where has the confidence went in today’s men? To me, you choose your woman based on what YOU want, not what you think everybody else might want.

I wonder what the ladies think about this….

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