3 Petty Things Couples Should NEVER Fight About

3 Petty Things Couples Should NEVER Fight About

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I’m a firm believer in the saying that what you are tells more about you than what you’re not.

When it comes to relationships, that saying literally becomes twice as true. In today’s complex world, lines that separate the gender roles are more blurred. People also don’t trust the way they used to in previous generations. Selfishness is prevalent and nobody seems to appreciate the value of patience.

Why am I saying all this? Because all of these character components can lead to arguments. Now don’t get me wrong, ALL couples, even the closest ones in the world go through arguments. Generally, arguments happen over miscommunication or when a lack of understanding comes into play.

But it’s also possible for two people to argue over stupid crap that doesn’t make any damned sense. This gets back to my original point that people can be so concerned about what somebody isn’t that they forget to enjoy who they are. Petty arguments solidify that kind of shallowness in people.

Couples that carry petty arguments on and on until they become full-blown beefs obviously have a structural problem with their relationship. I’ll get into that later during the conclusion. Until then, I’m going to list three petty situations that should never cause an argument among truly solid couples.

1. Household chores.

Keeping house is important. Cleanliness is next to godliness. However, two adult people in today’s world need to know how to balance those duties out equally between both parties. Cursing your mate out because you don’t want to take out the trash, or blaming them because you did it the last time is very petty. At the end of the day, chores have to be done. Arguing over who did them last doesn’t get them done and it doesn’t help your relationship.

2. Arguing over which mate has the most free time.

Some people have to spend a lot of hours every week in order to make a decent living. Other people don’t have to work many hours in order to make their ends meet. That gives you more time to do things that you want to do. Honestly, I think that should be the goal for most couples because today’s technology-dominated world can make that happen for you.

But if one person in the relationship works  more hours or has less free time, they shouldn’t be knocking their mate for having the opposite. The same goes vice versa. If someone is making time for YOU regardless of how much or how little time they have on their hands, that should be all that matters.

3. FOOD!

For me, this is a BIG one. Eating is something everybody has to do. Nourishment has to be had everyday. In a relationship, both sides ought to be able to bring something to eat to the table on the regular. But when both sides are doing that, there will still be petty arguments about who ate this up or who wasted that.

Food can always be replaced. Arguing over it is not a very smart thing to do. There are actually selfish people in relationships who will bring home food and mark certain items off as “for them only.” Out of spite, the other mate will eat off the food anyway and a huge argument will ensue. Sound familiar?


Relationships should be about two people maturing alongside each other. Earlier I said that in life it should be more about who you are than who you’re not. Mature should always be one of the things that you are as an adult.  In order for a relationship to work the right way, it should be a stress-reducing as possible.

When two people are constantly arguing over things that are insignificant, it’s a sign that maturity is lacking somewhere. Either one or both parties is not working toward making the union less stressful as time goes on. The silly part about these things are that most couples like this don’t even argue about about the major things.

Major things are usually situations that immature people don’t like to talk about, such as finances. However, a lack of communication on things like finances can ultimately lead to the end of a relationship. So before you start another long-drawn out argument over the toilet seat, or who misplaced a pair of scissors, ask yourself these two things: “Is this really worth it? Are there more serious things I should be worried about than this?”

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