4 Things Your Man Is Probably SUPER Insecure About

4 Things Your Man Is Probably SUPER Insecure About…

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How all you ladies out there in cyberspace doing?

The debonair, full of flair, OG playa playa is back to give the rundown with another real deal read. Like I said before, I’ve been experiencing the highways and byways of this here thing called love for many moons now. Some of ya’ll ladies out there young enough to me and my wife Cheryl’s chirrin.

Yes, I said chirrin. That’s how us gator boots wearing, Johnnie Walker dranking, 30s and Vogue rolling men folk talk. I hope you ain’t laughing at the 30s and Vogues. These young whipper snapper boys tryna bring them wheels back. Long as they respect where it came from, hell I ain’t mad at em’.

Well anyway, I’m here to talk about some things your man might not tell you. Matter of fact, some of this mess might be hard for any man to tell his woman. Not Romy Rome. See I got this here thang called confidence. These young boys like to call it swag. But on the real, everybody and I mean a man or woman got one little nagging trait called insecurities.

These could involve a lot of things, including stuff we can’t even control. Well anyway, I’m bout to give the scoop on four things that could be deeply troubling your man’s confidence level. Peep game ladies and give ol’ Romy Rome some feedback!

1. How he might stack up against your ex-boyfriend in the bedroom.

Now see, this here insecurity is something that bothers a lot of men out there. After breaking the ice during them first few dates and what not, there come a time when two people start wanting relations. Grown folks do what grown folks do. However, some men will get a little self-conscious around this time.

They be steady thinking about how they have to put it down better than the last man did. Now mind you, some of ya’ll women out here be adding to those insecurities. In the honeymoon phase of the dating game, ya’ll be telling him he’s the best. But the moment he start f**king up, ya’ll hit him with a line like, “That’s why don’t know how to hit it. My last dude wasn’t sh*t but he hit it better than you.”

2. Calling too soon after exchanging numbers for the first time.

Here’s another one lots of men do right off top. He’ll be the one who asked for your number, get it, he’ll give you his, then act like he don’t want to be the one call first. Some women even get frustrated with this and be thinking, “When is he going to call?” This insecurity has to do with a man’s pride. Sometimes, this one is okay. See a real man will give you your space in the beginning. He gets nervous about appearing desperate early on.

3. His kindness.

In any situation, people can have a fear of people using their niceness as a weakness. This can be the case for business partnerships, friendships, and hell, even family. There’s that old saying out there that goes, “Nice guys finish last.” In relationships sometimes, men will avoid showing their emotions and kindness out of the fear of being taken advantage of or played like a fool.

4. Long-term commitment.

See now, these new age, young whipper snapper boys today get SUPER insecure when they hear that big C-word: COMMITMENT. Back in my day, it wasn’t nothing to get with your high school sweetheart and stay with her until your dying day. If your so-called “boyfriend” has been with you for over a year and is still dodging conversations about marriage, he definitely has an insecurity about any long-term commitments.


Like I said earlier in this here piece on love, everybody (even the most confident people) have insecurities. When it comes to men folk, some have more than others. But see, I tell these young men all the time that they first and foremost gotta be real with their own self. I tell em, “Nephew, you can’t be out here trying to love no woman when you having trouble loving yourself.” Both men and women gotta be honest with each other. If your man expresses some insecurities of his that you might not be able to deal with, you have to let him know. Life is too short to have to complete anybody who’s having trouble completing their own self.

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