Research Suggests Single Women Prefer to Date [Blank] Men

Research Suggests Single Women Prefer to Date [Blank] Men

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Sup ladies! On behalf of the fellas, my colleague Jason recently blessed us with an eyebrow-raising study summary.

Now it’s my turn to give the run down on what science claims us women prefer. This one was a little heavy and almost had me asking my boo what he thought about it.

It was interesting, but it did have me feeling some kind of way about some of the thirsty ones of us in the female species.

So what type of men does research suggest single women prefer to date?

Attached men! Yes, you read that correctly, this research study claims that single women prefer to date men that… Aren’t single…

The study was performed a little while back but the findings are still pretty relevant today. Dr. Melissa Burkley and Jessica Parker, M.A. of Oklahoma State University are the two social psychologists who put this study together.

Interestingly, the study was done on hundreds of young men AND women. All the female and male participants were either single or involved in serious relationships (marriage, etc.). The results of the study were published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Here was the main variable: Single women were more interested in dating men in relationships and less interested in single men! All the men who were screened for this study did not share a preference for the status of their ideal date and neither did the women in relationships.

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An online summary on this so-called “mate poaching” study published on Dr. Burkley’s behalf quoted the following:

Men and women in the study were asked to describe their ideal romantic partner and were told they would be computer-matched with a like-minded [study participant].  Researchers told half of the participants that the person with whom they were matched was single.

They told the other participants that their “match” was currently in a romantic relationship. Participants then answered a series of questions on how interested they would be in pursuing a relationship with their match.

Specifically, when researchers described the man as single, 59 percent of single women were interested in pursuing him.  However, when they described the exact same man as being in a committed relationship, 90 percent of the single women were interested.

“This finding indicates that single women are considerably more interested in pursuing a man who is less available to them,” said Dr. Burkley in her interview with the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

“This may be because a man who is attached has already shown his ability to commit and, in a sense, has been pre-screened by another woman,” she continued.

Hmmm…kinda makes you wonder if what you have is real. You might have to clutch your man a little bit tighter nowadays…I swear it’s always somebody out there who wants what you have.

You can debate a whole lot about this one here…it sure is a big rat race on today’s dating scene.

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