6 Social Media Rules Smart Couples Follow...

6 Social Media Rules Happy Couples Follow…

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have definitely opened up the floodgates on our social lives.

It started off as something that people used to keep in contact with each other. It grew into a platform for us to interact with celebrities, find out the latest news and keep in contact with family and friends.

All great things.

But as the saying goes: Every rose has its thorn.

The most noticeable drawback to social media is how couples interact with each other and resolve their problems. No doubt social media can cause rifts in your relationship and be a serious distraction. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

To avoid the downside of social media happy couples follow these 6 golden rules.

1. They practice moderation. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… OMG these sites can be so addictive. There’s a constant stream of news, funny videos, and updates from family and friends. Social media is just so dang entertaining… But we have to practice moderation, especially when in a relationship.

We owe it to our partners to be attentive in our relationships. No doubt we have all fallen victim to breaking this rule from time to time, however when it’s a continuous thing it can cause some serious issues in your relationship.

This is a huge mistake that modern couples are making. In fact, we would argue that this lack of undivided attention is the number 1 relationship mistake people are making nowadays.

2. They don’t post their private business.

This is a really important rule to follow. Some people can’t resist the urge to tell the whole world everything that goes wrong in their personal life. This can cause major issues when this lack of privacy pertains to your relationship.

The truth is that the people that you correspond with on social media don’t have the keys to solving your relationship problems… In fact, some of these people may be glad that you’re having these problems.

Relationship troubles are as common as catching a cold. Telling the world every issue you and your spouse encounter serves no purpose.

3. They are mindful of what they’re sharing.

Some people may come across an intriguing news article about a current event and share the link on their social media page along with their commentary. There’s also instances where people will share something that is sexually explicit or totally inappropriate.

When you’re in a relationship, you’re representing your man or woman whether you want to believe it or not.

Don’t put their image in jeopardy by sharing or saying something that would make people question their sanity for being with you.

4. They keep their personal safety and their partner’s personal safety in mind.

Burglary is a crime that is on the rise. Therefore, it is very important not to show the world everything of value you have in your household. Seasoned criminals often take advantage of the careless nature in which people share info about their location, how much money they have, and personal possessions online.

5. They share their big news with their partner before they share it with the world.

Okay I hope this goes without saying… But you should definitely let your partner and real world friends and family know when you have big news like a pregnancy before you tell the world through social media.

I mean that is reasonable right?

6. They shut down flirters immediately!

As a woman on social media, we get inboxed what seems like hundreds of times per day by some guy trying to get our number, hang out, or tell us how beautiful we are.

Some women (very few from my understanding) enjoy this attention.

Don’t for one second entertain these men if you’re in a relationship. Let them know immediately that you’re not interested and if they can’t take the hint block them.

And for the men that are reading this… Stop flirting on social media and stay out of everybody’s inbox dang! Most of us women are annoyed by it and if you’re in a relationship it’s just plain wrong!


Social media is one of the best inventions of this technological revolution we are witnessing. However, with a new medium we need new rules and etiquette.

Social media platforms have caused rifts in many relationships and even lead to breakups and divorces. That doesn’t have to happen to you. Follow these 6 rules and your love life won’t be the next casualty.

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