Hi Hater: 6 Signs Your "Friend" Is Secretly Jealous of Your Relationship

Hi Hater: 6 Signs Your “Friend” Is Secretly Jealous of Your Relationship

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We all enjoy having the support of our friends when in a relationship. Unfortunately though, not all friends will be happy for you.

Oftentimes you will suspect that a certain friend really isn’t as happy for you as they pretend to be.

This can happen for many reasons. Some are jealous that they are still single themselves… While others are jealous because they miss spending time with you…

Whatever the case may be it can damage your friendship, especially if this friend is trying to sabotage your relationship in covert ways that you might not even notice until it’s too late.

So is your friend jealous of your relationship or are you mistaken? Here are some telltale signs you might be dealing with a jealous friend.

1. They get mad when they know you are spending time with your boo.

You always kept in touch with your friend constantly throughout the day with text messages and phone calls, but now that you have someone else to give attention to, your friend is irritated and has become all of a sudden SUPER needy.

They expect you to text back immediately or call them as often as possible. However, your significant other is taking much of your time and attention, not to mention that other things like work are also cutting into your time. Unfortunately, your friend doesn’t understand and instead gets mad at you and begins to act funny style.

This friend views your boyfriend as a ‘thief’ that stole you from them. They don’t understand that it is natural for you to spend more time with your significant other. Instead of being supportive, they expect you to give them the bigger share of your time at the expense of your partner.

The video below perfectly sums it up:

I’m sure you’ve seen this scenario before lol.

You have good news pertaining to your relationship and you share it with your friend. This is supposed to be a good moment right?


Instead of being happy and enjoying the moment with you this friend quickly interjects negativity.

They want to bring up how you’re being unrealistic. Or remind you of your past failed relationships.

Any friend that always has something negative to say every time you have good news is undoubtedly jealous.

3. They offer insincere compliments.

No matter your efforts, a jealous friend will never give you real credit for the successes in your relationship.

It’s hard for them to appreciate that you are capable of earning the results.

This is noticeable by their obviously faked excitement, and the “drawback compliment.”

You know what I’m talking about. When someone says something like “Oh that’s good, I’m happy for you BUT… [Input negative feedback]

That ain’t nothing but jealousy rearing its ugly head.

4. They are all of a sudden too busy to spend time with you.

Ouch, you’ve been spending time with this friend for years… But now all of a sudden that you’re in a relationship it seems like they neglect you and always want to spend time with others.

You are having a hard time determining what the issue is or how you upset them. Well, the truth is they might not be feeling your new relationship and this is their way of expressing it.

5. They constantly find fault in your boyfriend… No matter how petty…

Friends are often the first ones to spot when something is “off” about the person you are dating, and it is natural for your friends to want to protect you.

However, if your friend starts finding fault about your partner on issues that really aren’t that big of a deal then this is jealousy cropping up.

If your friend constantly tells you how your boyfriend doesn’t have a taste for fashion, how quiet he is and how bad that is for you because you are so talkative, and other little petty things that don’t really matter then she’s jealous.

Nobody that is truly happy for you would waste that much time poking unnecessary holes in your relationship.

6. They give bad advice.

You ever had a friend give you some relationship advice so bad you just stared at them with a blank expression?

Yes, when a friend is giving you obviously bad advice that you know they wouldn’t even take themselves they are trying to sabotage your relationship… One of the worst signs of jealousy there is…


These are the signs you will see when dealing with a friend that is jealous of your relationship. Most of them are subtle, and often aren’t noticed until the relationship with this toxic friend ends at some point in the future. Only then can you look back and see the shadiness in their actions.

If you notice these signs in one of your friends, keep an eye on them… It’s the small actions that reveal the biggest truths about a person’s character.

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