7 Unforgettable Ways to Show Your Man How Much You Love Him

7 Unforgettable Ways to Show Your Man How Much You Love Him

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Showing your man how much you love and appreciate him isn’t hard to do.

Feed him. Freak him. And be his shoulder to lean on when he’s stressed out.

That’s very basic stuff, everyone knows that.

It’s time to take it up a notch.

If you want to leave a lasting impression of your love try these 8 unforgettable techniques.

1. Accompany him to his favorite events or activities.

Example: Your man loves football but unfortunately, it makes you doze off when he watches it.

It’s pretty clear to him that you’re not as interested in sports as he is. However, you still appreciate that this is what makes him happy.

By watching on TV, or accompanying him to a football game and showing some interest, you will signal to him how much you care and infuse some new life into your relationship.

Why will this show him how much you care? Because people like to receive love the same way they show love.

In the minds of most men they make sacrifices all the time for us in the entertainment department, and this is one of the ways they show love.

No he’s not as interested in Scandal or the Dancing Dolls as much as he pretends to be. But he watches to spend time with you and because it makes you happy.

2. Verbally show your appreciation.

Most men get up in the morning, go to their place of employment, and work hard every day.

However, their bosses, especially male bosses, might not even recognize their efforts and if they do, in typical male fashion he’s not likely to express it in words.

There’s your opportunity to show how much you really care.

You can score big with your man in this situation by letting him know that you notice his hard work and that you’re proud of him.

3. Let everyone know how important he is to you.

There isn’t a joy much higher than hearing someone you love publicly express how much they care about you.

Whenever there’s an opportunity, at a family get together, or a company gathering, take a moment to stand up and acknowledge how much you love and appreciate the man you are with.

Don’t lie or exaggerate, just pick out a few qualities you really appreciate about him, an accomplishment he achieved, or something he did recently that you found really considerate or special and shine a light on it.

4. Write him a love letter.

You may have seen this sorta thing in the movies. Well, I’m here to tell you it actually works and is simply unforgettable.

All you need is a colored piece of paper and a pen. Express how much you care about him in the note and the things he does that makes you love him. Then fold and write “just because” on the front.

Hide it somewhere where he will find it. A surprise like this will definitely be welcomed and strengthen his emotional connection to you.

5. Pursue him with flirtation.

You want him to know that he is important to you and you care? Show it by pursuing him with flirtation.

Many couples falter when they lose the initial flirtatious spark that brought them together.

Don’t be a casualty to this far to often made mistake. Flirt with him like you just met him.

6. Give him a well thought out gift.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a well thought out gift can go a long way in any relationship.

Maybe he mentioned that he wanted a new belt or a watch that he seen at the mall. It definitely won’t hurt to go out and get it for him.

He will appreciate it. Especially if he’s the type to often buy you random and unexpected gifts.

7. Become the ultimate lover…

You know the saying: Every man wants a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets…

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With this in mind, we researched dozens of books on lovemaking and intimacy and separated the gold from the garbage. Then compiled them in one power-packed manual.

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These are just a few ways that you can show your man how much you love and care about him. But I guarantee you every one is unforgettable.

Love is something that must be worked on and molded over time. These tips will definitely help you do just that.

Thanks for reading!

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