Avoid At All Cost: 6 Signs of an Immature Boy That Hasn't Grown Into a Man

Avoid At All Cost: 6 Signs of an Immature Boy That Hasn’t Grown Into a Man

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What it do, ladies? The companionship connoisseur is back again.

You can also call me the affection professor, the manhood mechanic, or better yet just call me your boy Romy Rome. It’s been a while since I been on the scene here at

But I’m back like I left somethin’.

Like I said before, I’ve been around the block a few times and have learned a few thangs.

So when it comes to women accidentally mistaking a boy for a man I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

But don’t feel bad ladies. Nowadays these dudes talk a good game and it’s easy to be fooled. You have to really pay attention to the subtle signs because they hide the obvious signs so well in the beginning of relationships.

So let’s break this here thang down starting with this sneaky sign that you’re dating an immature man.

1. You have to clean up after his messes.

Like my homegirl Janae over here at always says: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Nowadays, these little boys calling themselves men expect a woman to put up with all their sh*t AND then expect them to be their damn maid too!

This trait right here gets ol’ Romy Rome real agitated. I’ve seen house pets that can clean up after their mess better than some of these grown-ass boys can. That don’t make no damn sense. If you gotta tell a so-called man to clean up after himself everyday, then you got a serious problem.

2. He doesn’t have a single suit or pair of dress shoes in his closet.

There’s a old saying: “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” In a competitive situation, that’s exactly how the game goes.

But if you ain’t the competitive type, you better at least look like you’re in the game to win. That starts with having the right wardrobe. Ain’t nothing wrong with a clean suit or a button up. Every man should have at least ONE of them in his wardrobe.

A real man knows how to look like he the man and clean up royally every once in a while. If you can’t rock a three-piece, tailor made style like the big dogs, then stay yo SimilacĀ sippin’ Chihuahua ass on the porch!

3. Talking about commitment either scares or annoys him.

If you’ve been dating for a year or more, ain’t nothing wrong with starting to talk about the future.

When a woman or man start getting past the age of 25 and still ain’t thinking about or talking about marriage, yet they’re always talking about sex, something is wrong with them.

Talking about future plans like family and marriage shouldn’t scare a man away. As a matter of fact, his ass ought to be talking about the same thing after awhile.

4. You find yourself having to nag him about everything.

A grown man don’t have to be reminded every day to do everything he’s supposed to.

Now I’m not talking about the little things. I’m talking about grown man responsibilities he’s supposed to be motivated to do without being nagged into doing them.

You should never have to nag a man about stuff like earning a living, or making sure proper maintenance is performed around the house.

5. You can’t ever have a serious conversation with him.

This here is an easy one. Any woman of substance who can talk deeply about more than what’s going on on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop deserves a man who can do the same.

If your man of choice can’t talk about anything other than sex, drugs, and entertainment, he’s probably not a man at all… just a man-child.

6. He hangs out with his childhood friends more than he hangs out with you.

Growing more mature is all about leaving childish ways in the past. Sometimes that means growing out of the people who you did those childish deeds of the past with.

There’s nothing wrong with a man having a brotherly connection with guys he grew up with. But there is something wrong with a man who wants to spend more time with those guys than he spends with you.


If you’re experiencing relationship difficulties with an immature man, it’s time to drop him and find a real man straight up.

Let that boy start solving his problems on his own. Life is way too short to be wasting time helping some grown ass boy get himself together.

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