7 Reasons You Should Thank the Person That Broke Your Heart

7 Reasons You Should Thank the Person That Broke Your Heart

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The old saying goes: “All is fair in love and war.”

But for the person who has experienced heartbreak, nothing about love gone sour can seem fair at all. This is especially the case when it feels like you’ve put your all into loving a person the right way, and then they turned around and did you wrong without a care in the world.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how to trust again and find true love after heartbreak. Today I’m going to put a slightly different spin on how to deal with heartbreak by offering seven reasons you should thank the person who put you through it.

Before we get started let me say this: Never let a negative person live rent free inside the positive space in your head.

Here are 7 reasons you should thank the person that broke your heart.

1. They showed their true colors before things got too complicated.

7 Reasons You Should Thank the Person That Broke Your Heart

Relationships often require a lot of sacrifices. When a person shows their true colors early, it can save you a lot of future heartache and pain. Knowing ahead of time a person’s true nature before things get too complicated is always best.

2. They showed that something is wrong with them, not you.

One of the first things a heartbroken person will do is try to figure out what they may have done wrong to end up in this unfortunate situation.

Actually, that type of rationale is a waste of time.

You see, when a person commits the offense of heartbreak, they have shown that they are the one with something wrong with them, not you.

No one should play with another person’s heart or trust. When they do, it shows that they have serious character flaws. Something you don’t want to deal with for a lifetime. So be thankful that the relationship ended whether it broke your heart or not.

3. They showed you that they are the weak link in the relationship.

One thing that serves every good relationship well is strength. When a person lacks strength, they will fail at almost anything positive that can help a good relationship thrive.

A person that is out to play games with other peoples emotions is the exact opposite of strong.

Therefore, they are horrible in situations that require a great deal of strength. And you can’t win the game of life with a weak partner standing next to you.

4. They gave you the sign that it’s time for change in your life.

We are always asking the higher power for signs that it’s time to make a change in our lives. Well, sometimes your lover doing you dirty is the exact sign you’ve been looking for. No matter how painful it might be at the moment.

Plain and simple, sometimes the relationship we want isn’t the relationship God intended for us, and this is how that truth is revealedĀ to you.

5. They opened your eyes.

Eve used to be my favorite female hip hop artist back in the day. I was in love with her song, “Love is Blind.” The reality is that this saying is sooooo true.

Before the one we love betrays us, we can often breeze through our love lives blind to how bad a relationship and person is for us.

Their lies, cheating, or deceit are the wake-up call you needed.

6. They took you out of your comfort zone.

It’s real easy to get in a comfort zone when you’re locked in that honeymoon stage at the beginning of a relationship.

However, comfort zones can be the source of a handicap. When heartbreak strikes for the first time, you can be drastically taken out of that comfort zone. This is what you need to set you up for happiness in the next phase of your life.

7. They made room for someone new… Someone better…

7 Reasons You Should Thank the Person That Broke Your Heart

Oftentimes heartbreak strikes right before someone better and more compatible enters our lives. Funny how that happens right? We were feeling sad and depressed about the struggle of lovingĀ Mr. Wrong and in walks Mr. Right to take our minds off the past.

Regardless of whether your Prince Charming comes now or later, the ex that broke your heart has cleared a path for you to accept this person into your life.


They say all is fair in love and war. Regardless of whether that’s true or not one thing I always remind myself when I’m going through a storm is that the Lord wouldn’t put me through anything I couldn’t handle. The same goes for the storms you go through in your love life. The end game that turns into a positive learning curve is always closer than you think.

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