Think He Might Pop the Question Soon? Here Are the Three Most Popular Days That People Get Engaged...

Think He Might Pop the Question Soon? Here Are the Three Most Popular Days That People Get Engaged…

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Social media seems to have the answers to almost everything in the minds of many people.

Social engineers at Facebook in particular always seem to be making observations about what people like, how they think, and even what people are planning to do with their personal lives. This past holiday season gave observers at the social media giant a lot to analyze when it comes to relationships.

According to fresh data in a recent report by Facebook, the most popular day to get engaged on is Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was the second most popular day to get engaged and New Year’s Day was number three on the list.

More than 2.5 million Facebook users from all walks of life were observed in this new study.

Here are some more facts observers got from the study. The peak months out of the year that couples get engaged are November and December. The website also found that around 33 percent of the couples who announced their engagements on Facebook were around the age of 24.

The study observers also compared the behavior of couples on social media to the behavior of people who were not in relationships. They found that engaged women tended to hit the like button a whole lot more, especially on pages that had to do with bridal shopping or other marriage based brands.

When it comes to engaged men, more to-the-point messages were sent when it came to expressing their desire to be married. Single men tended to be a lot more discrete when it came to revealing their romantic activity with the opposite sex. However, single women were less discrete while a lot of them still expressed a desire for a long-term relationship. These seem to be fairly common behaviors.

The Facebook study also gave a calculation of the length of the average engagement, which is around 14 months. However, the study’s report did not reveal how many engagements actually end up as final marriages.

To read the full Facebook report, click here.

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