CDC Warns Women That Drinking Alcohol Causes STDs???

The CDC Warns Women That Drinking Alcohol Causes STDs???

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Drinking alcohol causes STDs in women? Sounds like complete nonsense, but according to the Centers for Disease Control this statement is true.

In a very condescending infographic the CDC had a message for young women:


Well, as you can see according to these new recommendations released by the CDC ALL women who consume alcohol are at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or ending up pregnant.

Without pointing to its underlying reasoning, the CDC infographic simply states that “drinking too much” can lead to STDs, violence, and an unintended pregnancy “for any woman.” Without understanding the CDC’s thinly veiled logic, this makes no scientific sense. Which has lead many to believe that the organization is talking about date rape in a hush-hush way.

As one blogger put it:

Though the CDC doesn’t mention rape or sexual assault anywhere in its campaign, this logic fits into a larger pattern related to the issue. (On its website, the federal agency lists sexual assault as one of the “short term risks” of consuming alcohol.) The assumption that women should avoid drinking so they don’t become the subject of unwanted sexual attention — which can lead to an unintended pregnancy or an STD — is one of the many victim-blaming pieces of advice that women regularly hear about how they should avoid being raped.

The CDC’s guidance fails to mention that men are equally more vulnerable to contracting an STD or impregnating a woman when they are under the influence of alcohol.

Unsurprisingly there was a bit of backlash on social media:

What’s my take on this?

Plaine and simple, us women are not fricking children who need to be talked to like we don’t have a grain of sense. As a staunch advocate for rape victims and alcoholism prevention, I firmly stand behind the stoppage of this country’s disgusting date rape culture.

However, a large bureau like the CDC should know better than to publish some press release that prods young women like they purposely bring about their own destruction. What about these damn predators out here who know full well what they are doing is disgusting and wrong?

I am 100 percent behind the rights of women and I don’t appreciate seeing this “blame the victim” crap coming from people who are supposed to be professionals.

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