5 Things His Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Reveals About Him...

5 Things His Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Reveals About Him…

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Here’s something I’ve never revealed on this site before…

My wife and I used to be in the concert promotion business.

Every weekend like clockwork we would book venues and throw parties. We even mingled with a few big name acts like Kendrick Lamar and Future before they became as famous as they are today.

So being a part of the nightlife is something we were regularly engaged in. We had a lot of fun doing it and were passionate about it. She would court the performers and get their publicists to book them at our favorite venues. I would handle all the promotion and make sure everybody got paid.

Wow… Did we have fun… But we also learned a lot… Like how much you can tell about a man by what he drinks at the bar.

In this kind of romance-baiting environment, it’s natural for a lady to come across a man who is interested in her at some point throughout the night.

A common pick-up strategy for a man in this atmosphere is getting himself an alcoholic beverage and asking the lady he has his eyes set on what she’d like to drink.

After years of observing this routine over and over again, I realized that you can tell a lot about a man by what he’s drinking.

Ladies pay attention.

Here are five things his favorite alcoholic beverage reveals about him.

1. He’s very well off financially. 

Sometimes you just can’t fake splendor. If a guy is in the club paying for bottles of Remy Martin Louis XIII with a fat wad of 100 dollar bills, then he’s not fronting. He’s got it for real. That stuff costs. Regular Joes can’t afford a shot of Louie 13, let alone a whole bottle.

2. He’s down to earth. 

Nice guys like to drink their fair share as well. A really boy next door kind of guy who is approachable will probably be sipping on a Bud Light or Budweiser beer before he offers to generously supply you your favorite drink. This is an all-American brand. Guys who limit their alcohol consumption to beer only are often modest men both in status and in spirit.

3. He’s a flamboyant character who likes to prop himself up bigger than he really is. 

Now I’m going to try not to offend any of the rap moguls that are getting their hustle on slanging liquor. I also won’t say any names.

However, if a guy is at the bar buying shots of a certain brand vodka that is cheaper than Grey Goose, but more expensive than New Amsterdam, and rhymes with the word shamrock… Then he’s probably a fraud…lol.

I’ve tried some of that mid-grade, rap mogul endorsed garbage and it’s definitely not what they crack it up to be in the commercials… Lol.

4. He’s charming and charismatic. 

Some brands cater to the profiles of people who are social butterflies. They don’t have to blend in with environments because creatures of those environments gravitate towards them.

Shouts out to Nas. He was one of the last people we booked before we left the party promotion business. Recently Nas began endorsing Hennesey brand cognac and their catchphrase is, “Never blend in. Never settle.”

A man consuming Hennesey brand cognac definitely represents that slogan if he’s drinking responsibly.

5. He’s spiteful and dirt cheap.

Here’s the last one on the list….lol…Stay away from guys who regularly consume the following brands and alcohol products as their favorite: McCormick Vodka, Wild Irish Rose Wine, Barton Gin, Camo Malt Liquor, and Kentucky Deluxe Whiskey. Chances are this guy is broke, has anger issues, and probably gets high on a little more than weed on the low low. ???


I’m not telling you ladies out there to judge a man based on his choice of liquor, but brands people choose do say a lot about them. Acquiring a taste for something, whether it be alcohol or anything else is a reflection of a person’s lifestyle.

In closing, I’ll repeat the famous line from the alcohol commercials: “We encourage you to drink responsibly.” Lol… One love peeps and always be blessed.

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