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Racism is an ugly reality in our country… A reality many of us refused to believe still existed for far too long.

And then February 26, 2012 happened…

That’s the day Trayvon Martin was stalked after a trip to a local convenience store and savagely executed.

We had to protest to bring about the arrest of his murderer George Zimmerman. But we held out hope for justice.

Then July 13th, 2013 happened… “Not guilty on all counts” the jury read. And just like that Zimmerman walked away a free man. Leaving us all shocked, devastated, and pissed off.

At that moment Black Lives Matter was born.

A response to that verdict… A response to the anti-Black racism that permeates our society.

And at no better time was it needed… Because Pandora’s Box was opening.

Following Trayvon Martin’s murder we witnessed the deaths of Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland and many more…

Racial tension in America was rising… But so was the group that was set about to make sure our voices weren’t silenced.

The group that has stood up and protested every unjust black death. The group that ran Donald Trump out of Chicago. The group that is at the forefront of combating racial injustices.

Black Lives Matter…

Today I Quentin Witt, as the executive content manager of announce that we are in full support of The Black Lives Matter Movement and from this day forward we will be pledging 5% of our yearly profits to support their cause. Which is also every black person’s cause.

I also urge other black owned websites and business owners that are reading this article to do the same.

But we can’t stop there…

We also need the support of our cultural icons including Steve Harvey, Jay Z, Beyonce, Will Smith, Stephan Curry, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, Debra Lee, and the BET Networks to join us and pledge 5% of their earnings to support this cause also.

It’s our duty to uplift and protect this movement. It’s our duty to seek justice and equality for black people. If we don’t do it, then no one will.

Let us all make a difference.


Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement by clicking here.