Study Reveals That Doing [Blank] In Your Profile Pics Will Lead to More Dates

Study Reveals That Doing [Blank] In Your Profile Pics Will Lead to More Dates

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Live, laugh, love. That’s the age-old phrase you’ve probably seen on pictures and wall decorations in various dining and living rooms of your friends and relative’s homes.

Indeed, it’s a good motto to live by.

However, that saying takes on a new meaning according to the findings in this recent study.

Most people would agree that laughter is the best way to heal from any kind of pain. Comic relief will do wonders for a person going through a stressful time in life. Laughing also makes you more approachable and gives off the impression of genuine happiness.

But here’s something else that laughing can do. Ever heard of the app called SKOUT? Well, it’s a global brand that helps its users meet new people for the purposes of dating, business networking, and other forms of social interaction.

Well recently a few SKOUT engineers had the bright idea of sorting through their data and they came to an interesting conclusion about what people generally gravitate towards on social media.

When it came to profile photos, SKOUT researchers found that people who were laughing in their pictures are liked 404 percent more and are 324 percent more likely to make connections on social media.

Those are huge numbers. What they show is that people like to know that you enjoy having a good time. Laughing in a picture is definitely proof that you are enjoying yourself.

Additionally, SKOUT researchers surveyed 3,372 participants on meaningful life issues, such as friendship and comedy. Here are some of the facts:

  • Seventy-five percent of the people surveyed believe that they are funny, and 81 percent who have a witty sense of humor are more likely to think that they are funny.
  • A good 94 percent of people admit to finding enjoyment in making others laugh, and those who enjoy slapstick humor are also more likely to enjoy making other people laugh.
  • Everyone has that one comedian friend, and researchers found that practical jokers tend to have more friends, people with “bathroom humor” tend to have five or more close friends. Meanwhile, the sarcastic or self-deprecating humorists don’t have many friends.
  • Twenty-six percent of women would pick a comedy movie compared to the 18 percent who prefer a romance. Twenty-one percent of men would pick comedy while the rest prefer action and adventure films.


It’s been confirmed as a fact…at least in this case. To the outside world laughing is life’s best indicator of happiness. In return, it draws people towards you who want to share in the joy and good times.

So enjoy yourself. Smile, laugh, have a good time… And if you’re single… Don’t forget to take a few pictures of life’s funny moments for your online dating profile.

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