"Lemonade" Suggests Beyonce Stayed With Jay Z After He Cheated... What Type of Message Does This Send to Women?

“Lemonade” Suggests Beyonce Stayed With Jay Z After He Cheated… What Type of Message Does This Send to Women?

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Music megastar Beyonce just dropped her sixth studio album in surprise fashion late last month and had everybody talking.

In her typical fashion, she spontaneously released the album and received major fanfare from her “Beyhive” and took the world by storm. It’s safe to say that many women (black women in particular) are heavily influenced by the 34-year-old performer’s lifestyle and image.

Beyonce’s recent gravitation toward showcasing her “blackness” and inner feminist has also become evident. Her proud exhibit of black and female pride is a stray from her historically safe and worldly display of contemporary imagery consistent with your typical R&B superstar that has transitioned to being a full-blown pop culture icon.

Black women all across America identify with Beyonce’s confidence, career success, and unique swagger. Women of all ages and walks of life closely observe and vicariously emulate Beyonce’s image in their own way.

One personal element of Beyonce’s life that is constantly under the microscope is her marriage to rap star and business tycoon Jay Z.

Beyonce’s sixth album (uniquely titled “Lemonade”) is a very fresh and powerful musical expression, which seemingly reveals the singer’s highs and lows in the love she shares with her superstar husband.

In light of this, the “Lemonade” album has received critical acclaim. For the most part, various critics/music journalists have been echoing the same thing about Beyonce’s new album. The project gets praised for it’s sonic cohesiveness, lyrical dexterity, and its “stealthy” delivery to the public.

However, anybody with ears that can hear and eyes that can see can tell that there’s a lot of anger and pain in the album.

This anger and pain is obviously expressing the woes of a woman who is in love with a man that has been unfaithful. On the track “Hold Up” the frustration of a scorned woman is on full display.

What unfolds is an album about male-pattern infidelity and female self-examination. That cycle can be broken with forgiveness, Beyoncé implies – but not before she breaks stuff with a baseball bat.

-Kitty Empire of The Guardian.

Lyrics like, “I can taste the dishonesty, it’s all over your breath” and “How did it come down to this? Scrolling through yo call list? I don’t wanna loose my pride but, I’ma f**k me up a b***h” subliminally suggest that the world’s favorite R&B diva might be going through a rough patch in her marriage to Jay Z.

However, that all depends on how you look at it. Some people believe this is all just a publicity stunt to sell records.

Whatever the case is, Lemonade’s lyrics beg a million-dollar double question. Is Beyonce intentionally giving a false image of relationship dysfuntion to appease her legion of female fans who are going through their own personal struggles in love, or is she talking about an actual experience she is going through herself?

Personally, I’m not fond of either scenario.

As a woman who has dealt with infidelity from a man I was used to be in love with, I sympathize with the pain most women have felt in their path toward trying to find real love. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve become more observant and I understand the warning signs of a cheating man a whole lot better.

I also understand that tolerating such foolishness for the sake of having a relationship is a huge deterrent to building myself up as a woman.

If Beyonce is indeed dealing with rampant infidelity like her new album suggests, then she obviously doesn’t have the same challenges that regular, everyday women face when dealing with a cheating man, (mainly because her and her husband’s financial success).

However, having “a billion dollars on an elevator” shouldn’t excuse whatever damnation a serial emotional abuser is putting her through.

At the end of the day, “Lemonade” is the latest installment of Beyonce’s body of work that expresses, love, passion, and pain.

In a nutshell, it’s only entertainment. However, us women ought to be able to see through the unhealthy subliminal message that it’s okay to stay with a man who is clearly taking advantage of you.

I pray that all black women come to realize that life is far too short to settle for less than 100 percent loyalty from the men they love… No matter how great the financial benefits… And no matter what their favorite celebrity decides to put up with…

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