6 Traits You'll Have to Get Used to If You Fall In Love With a Leo

6 Traits You’ll Have to Get Used to If You Fall In Love With a Leo

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Hey, ladies! It’s time for another installation of our 6 Traits of Zodiac Signs segment.

Today, we’re going to talk about Leo, the fire sign of the Mystic Lion. Leos are one of the most ambitious and fearless signs on The Zodiac. They make great leaders and are great at surviving anything. Leos are the perfect friends to have if you are going through a struggle. When you need someone who is dependable that is going to tell you the truth, look no further than a Leo.

There’s also the not so great things you may have to deal with if you fall in love with a Leo. All signs have their weaknesses and Leos have their fair share.

So with that being said, I’m about to break down three good traits and three bad traits of a Leo’s personality. We’d love your feedback…the good, bad, and the ugly…Laters!

Leo Personality Traits:

The Good

1. Leos get down for theirs when it comes to taking care of the people they love. 

6 Traits You'll Have to Get Used to If You Fall In Love With a Leo

People with the Leo sign won’t leave one stone unturned when it comes to holding it down for their family or anybody they are responsible for taking care of. They will do whatever is necessary to make it happen so that nobody in their heart goes without. Leos will dedicate themselves to this rain, sleet, snow, or shine.

2. They are very generous when they have the ability to give. 

Like the saying goes: it ain’t tricking if you got it, right? And oh, when Leos got it, they ain’t got no problem with sharing it. A Leo will spoil you rotten. They are one of the best bearers when it comes to catering to their lover.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to leave a Leo or have a Leo leave you, you’ll compare how your next lover takes care of you based on how that Leo took care of you.

3. They always remember what you’ve done for them and they’ll reward you for it. 

Leos have long memories. They don’t forget a good deed and they live to do for those who do for them. If you’ve helped a Leo when they were down, then you have a blessing coming. They don’t let a blessing go unrewarded.

Leo Personality Traits:

The Bad

1. A Leo can be a control freak. 

6 Traits You'll Have to Get Used to If You Fall In Love With a Leo

Male and female lions are natural dominators of their territory. They have no problem conquering whatever they see as theirs. Human Leos can be the same way. They have the ability to allow their natural leadership traits to go too far at times…they definitely want to run the show.

2. They can have difficulty keeping their confidence from becoming arrogance. 

Leos are naturally proud of themselves and at times, don’t have a problem tooting their own horn. However, when they  deal with people who aren’t as strong as they are, they can come off as arrogant.

3. They can have a hard time containing all their energy. 

Kevin Gates said he don’t get tired and neither does a Leo. They are always full of a spark that doesn’t stop flaming. Sometimes this trait can get Leos into trouble when they are bored. You’d better be able to match or beat a Leo’s energy level because they will lose interest in you very fast if you can’t.


Overall, Leos are great lovers with an exciting edge of their own. They are truly unique people and they thrive off environments that are highly social. They prefer to be around people they know and trust. They don’t mix well with people who don’t have a lot in common with them unless doing so will provide them with a learning experience. They are a curious breed. You really have to match their level of energy and enthusiasm or you won’t have much of a chance.

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