Question: My boyfriend gets mad when I touch his phone. Is he cheating on me?

Question: My boyfriend gets mad when I touch his phone. Is he cheating on me?

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Hi guys, I have a question.

For the past few weeks, my boyfriend has been addicted to his phone. He won’t let me see who he is messaging, and won’t let me anywhere near his phone when he’s not in the room. He even takes it to the bathroom with him just to brush his teeth.

I don’t know whether he is cheating on me, or if he’s just becoming more attached to social media.

It wasn’t like this when we first started dating, and only started recently. Even if I innocently ask him what he’s doing on his phone when we are supposed to be having dinner together he gets defensive, saying it’s nothing and he won’t say anything more about it after that.

And God forbid I touch his cell phone. It vibrated on the kitchen counter so I picked it up to take it to him and he exploded in a fit.

I don’t want this to explode into a huge argument between us, but I’m starting to feel like I can’t trust him.

Should I confront him about it? Or demand to see his phone so that I know he isn’t cheating on me?

I don’t know what to do, please help.

Question answered by staff member Quentin Witt.

Should you be concerned that your boyfriend is being over-protective and secretive with his phone?

In this situation, I definitely think you should be suspicious.

For one, you said he wasn’t like this when you first started dating. So this is a clear change in his behavior which is usually a sign of trouble in relationships.


Because people are creatures of habit, so a change in behavior usually indicates a change in their lives or thought processes.

Second, he’s taking his phone to the bathroom with him just to brush his teeth? Where they do that at? Lol. Seriously, how can you not be suspicious that he’s up to no good when he’s doing ish like that?

To sum it up, I definitely think his actions warrant your suspicions. However, I can’t say for certain if he’s cheating on you.

I suggest that you sit down and talk to him and explain how much this is bothering you. A real man that is committed to a woman will have no issue doing whatever it takes to ease those fears.

If he won’t at least do that I think you should reconsider how serious he really is about you and your relationship?

With that being said. I’ll pass it to our readers.

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