Put Some Respeck on Her Name! 7 Reasons Judge Lynn Toler Is America's Most Underrated Relationship and Dating Expert

Put Some Respeck on Her Name! 7 Reasons Judge Lynn Toler Is America’s Most Underrated Relationship and Dating Expert!

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Your girl JJ is happily married, but for some reason, one of my favorite TV shows is Lynn Toler’s Divorce Court.

Now mind you, Judge Toler is not your average TV judge seeking screen time for the sake of ratings. She has a life that is full of accomplishment as a mother, wife, and role model for young black women across America.

Judge Toler is also the author of two amazing books. Before becoming a TV judge, Toler appeared on the Ricki Lake show as a marriage counselor. Her wisdom and powerful messages have been seen and heard by millions of people.

Here are seven reasons why Judge Lynn Toler is one of America’s most underrated relationship experts.

1. She has been happily married for almost 30 years. 

Life is about practicing what you preach. Lynn Toler talks wisely about what it takes to have a successful relationship that lasts. Not only that, she has a successful marriage of her own that has been going strong for almost three decades.

Having a healthy relationship isn’t just about talking the talk. It’s about walking the walk.

2. She has a great track record as a mentor for teenage girls. 

When Toler was an elected municipal court judge in the Cleveland, Ohio area, she started a mentorship program for teenage girls. She ran the program with a genuine care for the futures of all the young girls that were mentored. She taught the young girls the importance of self-esteem, social empowerment, and being involved in their community. These are the kind of things young girls need to learn before they become grown women.

3. She was a great advocate for domestic violence prevention. 

One of the great things Toler did during her career in public service was sitting on the board for The Cleveland Domestic Violence Center. This organization helps women understand the signs of an abusive spouse and get support during their ordeal.

In 2002, Judge Lynn’s work helping abused women at The Cleveland Domestic Violence Center won her the center’s Humanitarian of the Year Award.

4. She has been a champion of helping people with mental health issues. 

Mental health conditions are one of America’s biggest undiagnosed problems. Mental health issues are also one of the challenges facing people in relationships in all walks of life. Another board that Judge Toler sat on was for The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. The work she performed on this board put her in contact with many people who were dealing with mental health issues in relationships and other situations.

5. She tells it like it is. 

Judge Toler’s no-nonsense delivery in her public speeches is so genuine. She is particularly critical of men who don’t do their job as fathers. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and she always gets straight to the point. Judge Toler is also critical of women who put their own needs or the needs of some man before their children. She’ll give you the business if you’re not taking responsibility for your actions.

6. She provides a great source of wisdom. 

Some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard in my life regarding what it takes to have a strong marriage have come from Lynn Toler. She stands for age-old values that are often abandoned in society today. That’s what sets her apart from a lot of the professionals in her field.

7. Reading her most recent book will change your life. 

Judge Toler’s most recent book is titled, “Making Marriage Work: New Rules for an Old Institution.” I’m in the process of reading this book right now, and I must say, it is giving me life! This sister hits the nail on the head all across the board.

These are the 7 reasons Judge Lynn is one of America’s most underrated relationship experts. Now that’s enough from me, let’s see this inspirational black woman in action.

Below is one of Judge Lynn’s most powerful messages. It is also what inspired me to write this article.

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