Flirting as a Way to Boost Your Feminine Energy... Try It...

Flirting as a Way to Boost Your Feminine Energy… Try It…

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A modern woman’s life is active and fast. There are so many things to do and people to take care of.

With that in mind it’s no wonder why dating sites have become so popular. They let users meet different people, find a person sharing their interest and hobbies or just have a fast flirt with the help of winks and likes without leaving the comfort of your home. In short, online dating saves time, broadens social circles and is available 24 hours a day.

On the flip side, because of digitalizing the love part of our life we are losing some essential skills.

Flirting with real men is one of them.

It is natural for women to flirt. Flirting is a subtle game which both men and women enjoy. Flirting boost feminine energy and at the same time does not imply any commitments. It can be just a game or the beginning of a new relationship. Though, offline flirting significantly differs from its online sibling. Let’s refresh our real-life flirting skill and focus on the main ingredients of good flirting.

Be visually appealing.

This advice seems evident and of no use. Though, trying to look as seductive as possible, women can sometimes cross the line between sensual and vulgar.

A truly visually appealing look should give a hint, but not reveal all the hidden beauties of your body. Flirting is a good reason to go shopping and look for the perfect dress to meet this goal.

Knowledge of how to emphasize the beauty of your particular body type will help you to choose a figure flattering outfit. Knowing the colors that best match your eyes, hair, and skin complexion will turn a great outfit into pure perfection.

Don’t worry about sticking to the latest trends. Most men don’t care much about that. As a rule, a nice hairstyle, make-up, dress and heels are enough to draw men’s attention.

Subtly convey your interest.

The fear of rejection is very powerful. It often reigns over the hearts and minds of both men and women. Men are afraid to be rejected, particularly in the public eye. I know a lot of women who have suffered from men being afraid to approach them and start a conversation. In the end a lot of men fear reaction.

A good idea would be to send subtle signals of your interest.

A smile in response to his glance will show that you do not mind flirting and that you notice him. To take the initiative and make eye contact is another option for those females who do not want to wait.

But don’t forget about body language. The signals you body sends are more telling than any words. Turn to a man, lean forward and do not cross your arms on your chest (It signals that you are closed off to being approached).

If you are ready to boost your feminine energy and possibly attract the man of your dreams don’t hesitate to try the following tips.

You’ll be surprised at the wonderful results you see.

Until next time ladies. ☺

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