New Study Says Couples That Do This Have Self Esteem Issues...

New Study Says Couples That Do This Have Self Esteem Issues…

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Everyone isn’t always as happy as they “post to be” on social media. This is obviously the case, according to a new study that gave the run down on a large group of Facebook “couples” who broadcast their proclaimed “happiness” for the world to see.

According to the study couples that post an excessive amount of lovey-dovey pics have self-esteem issues.

Elite Daily just recently published an article online titled, Yes, Couples Who Post Annoying Lovey-Dovey Pics On FB Have Self-Esteem IssuesThe article covered a study conducted by researchers for New York Magazine who analyzed a condition called “relationship-contingent self-esteem (RCSE).”

“Science also says people who have RCSE tend to be introverts, and because introverts aren’t inclined to talk about how happy they are in their relationships with friends in real life, they’ll take to social media to do so,” wrote Sheena Sharma, a relationship columnist for Elite Daily.

I personally believe that if people feel the need to show off how happy they are in their relationship, they’re entitled to do so. But doing so on social media can indicate internal signs of insecurity if you’re not the type of person who is accustomed to individual happiness.

“Introverted people with low overall self-esteem and social anxiety are the most likely to post lovey-dovey statuses,” the study concluded.


RCSE mostly affects people who haven’t had much success finding out who they really are in life. Social media is a major platform for people to advertise their personal sense of accomplishment, even when they haven’t fully established what they’re really trying to prove in life. I read something on social that really inspired me this morning. It was a quote somebody on my Facebook friends list shared. The quote read, “Life is about improving yourself, not proving yourself.” This is some important food for thought if you’re in the process of searching for or finding true love.

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