7 Signs You're Dating Your Future Husband

7 Signs You’re Dating Your Future Husband

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In a perfect world, the relationship you’re in right now would undoubtedly lead to marriage.

Most of the time it’s better to take your time when you’re dating someone so you can get to know them and give things the proper time to develop. In other scenarios, there’s an instant chemistry that makes you feel like you’ve found “the one” from the very beginning.

This is “love at first sight.” And many successful relationships have started off this way. However, most relationships start with this type of magical feeling.

As I’m sure you know, in the honeymoon phase of a relationship we all feel like we’ve found our perfect match.

Then reality kicks in.

So how can you know if you’ve found the one? How can you tell if what you’re feeling is real and the man you’re dating is your future husband?

Well, these signs are a pretty good indicator that you might be dating the man you will one day marry.

1. Being a gentleman is not a chore for him. 

7 Signs You're Dating Your Future Husband

Regardless of what people say, chivalry is not dead. Though it might seem rare, there are plenty of men out there who still believe in opening doors, walking on the right side of the sidewalk when you’re holding hands, and getting you surprise gifts even if it’s not a special holiday or your birthday.

A man who is truly husband material takes pride in how he makes you feel and has no problem with treating you like a lady at all times.

2. He’s gentle enough to be sensitive but strong enough to be a protector. 

A good man is in touch with his emotions. He knows it’s not weak for him to have a sensitive side or a gentle touch when needed.

However, a man should also know when it’s time to be firm and stand up for his woman and child(ren) when the time calls for it. When danger arrives that jeopardizes you or your child(ren), a real man is going to take it upon himself to ensure the safety of his loved ones. A man who is strong enough to show you his sensitive side and strong enough to protect you is definitely husband material.

3. He loves you exactly the way you are. 

Marriage is all about sticking through the good times and the bad times. It’s about embracing someone’s good traits and being willing to help them improve their not so good traits. It’s about patience. It’s really a beautiful thing when you can be your true self around the man you’re dating.

You don’t have to worry about living up to some unrealistic standard of beauty or accomplishment. He loves you just the way you are and is willing to comfort you and not hurt you when your emotions take control sometimes.

4. The thought of him being with you for the rest of your life doesn’t worry you.

7 Signs You're Dating Your Future Husband 

People often forget that when you take those marriage vows, they are forever. Some people are only meant to be in your life temporarily. The temporary vibe can often be felt when you’re still in the dating phase of a relationship.

It’s possible to have all the care in the world for someone who is only a seasonal lover. Sometimes those seasonal relationships end on good terms and sometimes they don’t. But when you can chalk up the good and bad in a man and still fathom the opportunity of spending the rest of your life with him, then you’ve probably found the real deal.

5. He’s all you think about when you’re having a bad day. 

There are those times when you’re having a really bad day. It could be due to stress on the job, family life, or anything that drains you of all your positive energy.

But when you have that special someone, seeing them after you’ve endured all your stress of the day makes things so much better.

You’ve found your future husband when all of your problems seem to disappear when you’re spending time with that special man in your life.

6. He actually listens to what you have to say and genuinely cares. 

A good man is less hesitant to talk and more able to listen to you. Simply put, he uses his ears before he uses his mouth.

When you have things you want to talk to him about, he shows you that he cares about what you have to say. You have a high level of comfort around him and can literally tell him anything without having to worry about him judging you or making you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

7. He includes you when he talks about his future. 

A real man knows what he wants out of life and is engaged in the actions that will help him get it. And a man who sees you as his potential wife includes you in the conversations he has with you about the future.

He isn’t afraid to tell you that he needs you to be there for him in order to live out his dream of being happy and successful.


Women are sometimes hesitant to talk to the man they are dating about marriage. They avoid talks about commitment because they feel it might drive the man they are dating away.

But it shouldn’t have to be that way.

A man who is marriage material will show you how much he values your presence in his life for the long haul. Obviously, there are many things a man can do to prove that he cherishes a long-term relationship with you. Seeing these signs early on are a blessing, and they open the door for happiness that stands the test of time.

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