Does my guy friend like me? 9 signs he wants to be more than friends.

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 9 Signs He Wants to Be More Than Friends

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I have a question.

Have you ever asked yourself “Does my guy friend like me?”

Seriously, have you ever been friends with a guy and thought that you were noticing signs he wants to be more than friends?

Despite what we might think about the men we place in the friend zone the reality of the situation is that many of them want more.

They just either:

1. Know you are likely to reject them.

2. Know you’re currently in a relationship and they’re waiting for the right time.

3. They are intimidated by you for one reason or another and is afraid to tell you how they really feel. Or…

4. We either don’t recognize or don’t take their flirting serious.

If you’ve had or currently have this suspicion about a male friend in your life today I’m going to put those doubts to rest.

Here are the undeniable signs he wants to be more than friends.

1. You spend so much time together people begin to suggest that something is going on between the two of you.

Does my guy friend like me? 9 signs he wants to be more than friends.

This is a clear and visible sign. If your other friends, acquaintances, or family members begin to ask if something is going on between you and your male friend, then it’s highly like that he’s digging you on the low.

Apparently, you two are spending a lot of time together. To the point where it appears, you might be an item.

If he enjoys spending that much time with you to the point that you are basically his pseudo girlfriend…

I don’t think there’s much reason for you to ask yourself “does my guy friend like me.”

He does, and everyone sees it.

2. He begins to find reasons to touch you or be really close to you; for example, every time he sees you he wants a hug.

Have you been noticing that your guy friend has been a bit touchy feely lately? Nothing overly aggressive, but he seems to step inside of your personal space, or innocently touch you.

Yea, that’s definitely a sign he wants to be more than friends.

If he has a habit of getting a tad bit too close and can’t seem to resist touching you whenever he has the slightest opportunity, he’s no doubt digging you.

3. He’s always there with a helping hand… 

Whenever you need help fixing something at your home, a problem with your car, carrying groceries, or anything else he can assist you with he’s there.

Basically, he’s treating you like a man would treat his girlfriend.

If your guy friend is always there to “lend a helping hand” this signifies that he is there for you, more than you realize…

4. He’s reluctant to introduce you to his male friends making all introductions quick and swift.

Yea… It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t want you taking a liking to any of his guy friends and vice versa.

If you were “just a friend” he would have no problem inviting you to hang out with himself and the rest of his friends…

In fact, it almost seems like…

5. He keeps encounters between you and him exclusive. Meaning that he rarely invites other people to hang out with you two.

Does my guy friend like me? 9 signs he wants to be more than friends.

He definitely wants to be more than friends if he tries to keep your time together exclusive.

He never invites anyone or brings anyone along. He sets up things just for the two of you to do together.

It’s as if you’re going on mini-dates and spending quality time like a couple, instead of hanging out like two friends.

6. He starts joking about you being in a relationship or “your man” type comments fishing to see if there is anyone significant in your life.

This is a classic tactic of a guy that wants to be more than friends.

If he begins to jokingly inquire about if you have a significant other or if your dating anyone, he’s making his interest plain and clear.

At some point, he might even start making jokes about you and him being in a relationship.

This shows that the thought of you and him being more than friends has crossed his mind.

7. He has a really close relationship with your kids and enjoys bonding with them.

Instead of being just a typical friend he seems to play more of a stepdad role with your children.

He asks you and them how they’re doing in school, buys them gifts, pops up at your house just to see and play with them.

He’s there for children as much as he’s there for you, and he and your kids seem to have a very strong connection.

He’s basically taken a dad/stepdad type of role in children’s lives.

I think it would be a safe assumption to say he wants to be more than friends.

8. He compliments your pictures on social media in a flirty way.

Complimenting a friend’s pic on social media is nothing out of the ordinary.

However, we aren’t talking about typical compliments here.

Your guy friend takes it to flirty levels where anyone who sees his comments and doesn’t know any better would say he definitely has a thing for you.

He tells you how beautiful you look. Jokingly calls you sexy, uses emoticons to emphasize how attractive he thinks you are.

It’s as clear as day to anyone that’s watching that he has a thing for you.

9. He gets in his feelings whenever you start dating someone.

This is a very telling, and probably the most obvious sign that your guy friend wants more from your relationship.

If every time you start dating someone new he seems to get an attitude and all in his feelings for a few days he obviously has some sort of feelings for you that extends past friendship.

Another telling sign is if he always seems to find something wrong with the guys you’re dating. He doesn’t like them, they aren’t good enough, you should be dating someone better… Yea.. I think that better person he’s thinking of is himself.


If you have checked off 5 or 6 of these signs that he wants to be more than friends the only real question that is left to ask is how do you feel about him?

Could you see yourself in a relationship with this male friend?

Making the transition from friendship to a relationship can be a dangerous move if you don’t do it right.

I suggest that you don’t make a move until he verbally tells you that’s he’s into you because nothing says courtship like the man actually asking you for your time in a romantic way.

However, don’t assume because assumptions can ruin the bond that you’ve built.

Let him know that you’ve noticed a change in his behavior and the dynamic of the relationship.

If you’re into him tell him that people are wondering would you two ever consider dating each other.

If you’re not into him, let him know that you love him as a friend, but that’s all that it is. He is your friend, so you don’t want him to feel like you’re leading him on, or that the relationship could one day be something more.

He shouldn’t be holding out and waiting for you. He should find a girlfriend to shower with his romantic attentions and affections.

Either way, you’ve just found yourself in a complicated situation lol.

As the saying goes: Men and women being “just” friends… It’s all fun and games until somebody stumbles over the wrong feelings.

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