7 Things You Do That Prove You're a Confident Woman (Even If Sometimes You Don't Feel Like It)

7 Things You Do That Prove You’re a Confident Woman (Even If Sometimes You Don’t Feel Like It)

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There is perhaps nothing more important to a woman’s personal and financial well-being than having self confidence.

In fact, it is the backbone of building healthy relationships, gaining respect, and never settling for less than you deserve in any situation.

While we all have confident women in our lives, be it a friend, a family member, or a person we adore from afar, not everyone knows how to gain inspiration from their role models.

However, sometimes we don’t recognize how much inner confidence we have and how much we are an inspiration to others.

Yes, it can be hard to realize how confident we are when other people appear to be much more happy and confident than ourselves. (Mainly due to how people curate a perfect persona of themselves on social media.)

If you’re having a hard time seeing just how confident you truly are here are a few signs that prove you are a confident woman… Even if sometimes you don’t feel like it…

1. You enjoy spending time alone.

Fact: One of the most shining traits of a content and confident woman is that she enjoys her own company and allows herself to feel free of imposed obligations.

Confident women also take joy in going out alone; whether it is to see a movie or enjoy dinner at a nearby restaurant.

If you cherish your friends and family, but also never shy away from indulging in “me” time, then chances are you’re more confident than you probably think.

2. You relentlessly pursue your purpose.

Women who know their strengths and utilize their skills in both their personal and professional lives are far likely to be happier than those who dwell on their weaknesses.

A fact that many of us women have come to realize is that the time of male dominance has long passed, and the only thing that can hold us back is us.

Confident women embrace their purpose while acknowledging the fact that everyone has imperfections.

Sure, none of us feel like we’re on top of the world every day, and that’s okay because that’s a part of being human.

But if you happen to be someone who has clear ambitions and goals in life that you want to accomplish, then you’re already more confident than most people.

3. You set healthy boundaries.

7 Things You Do That Prove You're a Confident Woman (Even If Sometimes You Don't Feel Like It)

Self-esteem and personal boundaries go hand in hand.

Having firm boundaries means you know when to say NO and prioritize your emotions and needs before others.

Look, it sucks to be treated like a doormat, and we are all aware how it feels. So, the next time you feel pressured or guilted into doing things that you don’t want to, just say NO.

Confident women know how to act in accordance with their principles and don’t cater to other people just to keep them happy.

As a confident woman, it’s your duty to not abandon parts of yourself just to please others.

4. You don’t like showing off.

Most of us know this to be true: Confident people don’t do much talking or bragging… They let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

Only those who are secretly insecure feel the need to boast about their lives, belongings, and successes all the time.

Not only is this trait highly unattractive, but it also rewires your brain into believing that you need validation from others to feel successful.

Besides, a woman who reveals herself and her true worth gradually is far more attractive than someone who lays it all out there from the jump.

Confident women don’t need to sell themselves; they are naturally able to attract the right kind of people in their lives just by being themselves.

5. You consider the well-being of others.

Confident women look beyond their own needs and ask themselves how they can make the people around them better and how they can make the world a better place.

You don’t necessarily have to volunteer for social work, do scientific research on medicine, or run a charity to be philanthropic.

Just ask yourself how many times have you helped people in need and you’ll have the answer.

Selflessness is one of the key traits confident people exhibit because they know their own capabilities and want to improve the lives of others.

6. You don’t buy into the whole “perfect woman” facade.

7 Things You Do That Prove You're a Confident Woman (Even If Sometimes You Don't Feel Like It)

There is no doubting the fact that the media has a huge influence on how most people perceive themselves and others.

In a world of false advertisements and manipulative lies, the confident woman doesn’t let the media dictate how she feels or sees herself.

These women do not feel the need to be skinny, have a thinner nose, or have a bigger butt because an advertisement or entertainer told them so.

Neither do they wish to push their opinion on others on what’s right and wrong. They just do what they do and leave well enough alone.

As a confident woman, you also don’t make life decisions based on what others may think.

You are happy just the way you are, and nobody can take that away from you.

7. You trust yourself to make the right decisions.

A crucial component of having a high level of self confidence is trusting yourself to make choices while realizing that you’re prepared to handle things if they don’t go as planned.

Women with confidence don’t constantly think back about their actions and stay in a state of conflict about what to say or do.

People who have low self-esteem typically don’t trust their own judgment and are always afraid of being wrong.

They don’t know how to follow their gut feelings, and as a result always look to others to guide them.
An essential element of self confidence is one’s sense of autonomy, without it you won’t be able to make decisions for yourself.


How do I become more confident?

Look, no matter who you are and from which part of the world you belong, you can try implementing the seven things I’ve mentioned here to boost your self confidence.

Remember that you won’t always feel confident in every situation. Especially if that situation is new or novel.

However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a confident woman. If you notice the 7 signs above in yourself, it’s safe to say that you definitely are confident in yourself and your capabilities!

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