7 Types of Healthy Relationships You Deserve to Experience at Least Once in Life

7 Types of Healthy Relationships You Deserve to Experience at Least Once in Life

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One sad fact of life that I think we all eventually come to realize is this: Real people and real relationships that add sustainable value to your life are hard to come by.

To build these types of relationships, a person must invest time, effort, and allow them to grow naturally.

Unfortunately, even that doesn’t ensure that the relationship will be a success because the other person must have pure motives and want the same thing as you.

They say some people enter our lives only for a season.

That saying is very true.

With that in mind, I thought about the types of healthy relationships a person deserves to experience in life.

These relationships add value to your mindset your spirit, and your goals. And gladly, they often last a lifetime.

Here are 7 types of healthy relationships you deserve to experience.

Let’s start with this one.

1. The relationship of mutual trust.

7 Types of Healthy Relationships You Deserve to Experience at Least Once in Life

Trust is something that should ALWAYS be earned. Period.

If you blindly put your trust in people, you are bound to suffer many setbacks, bad experiences, and let downs in life.

Trust grows one experience at a time and once earned brings a feeling of ease and authenticity to a relationship.

Whether friendship, family, or romance, no relationship can survive the test of time without trust.

This is a type of healthy relationship we all deserve to experience, and fortunately, most of us eventually do.

2. The relationship of companionate love.

Most long-term relationships eventually shift towards companionate love, where there is deep intimacy and commitment even though the intense sexual energy might have faded.

This is completely normal as a romantic relationship matures.

Companionate love can be best described as the type of feeling a person has for their family.

This is more than just a simple girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife relationship.

This is the feeling that the person you’ve decided to spend your life with has become a part of you.

There aren’t any high expectations or the need to show extravagant signs of love to prove how much you care for one another.

And even though you still argue and have disagreements like normal couples you both know what’s real regardless.

Neither one of y’all going anywhere. This is a lifetime commitment.

3. The relationship of freedom and independence.

No, I’m not trying to imply that there is only one type of relationship that gives you freedom and independence.

What I’m saying is that in certain relationships freedom and independence come before everything else.

How many times have you seen friends go for days without talking to each other and still remain best friends?

Or couples that spend time apart pursuing their goals, enjoying their hobbies, and exploring what it is that they personally want out of life but yet and still they remain deeply in love and committed to each other?

I bet it’s not often.

This is because most people are infatuated with the idea of being connected all the time.

However, in the relationship where freedom reigns supreme, you will see couples do their own thing and still have an intact bond.

In fact, this time apart is likely a direct contributor to their relationship satisfaction.

Seriously, there is no rule written in stone that says you have to check in with your friends, loved ones or significant other at every opportunity to see how they’re doing and vice versa.

4. The relationship of pure romance.

All relationships have at least a little bit of romance in them…right?

According to many couples, the answer is NO.

Even though most of us want the entire package of intimacy, passion, and romance in our relationships, not all of us have it.

A relationship of pure romance survives and thrives on a high of intense emotions that make a couple feel as though they are meant to be together.

And even though things might change as the passion dies down, and the relationship might not last forever, it’s still satisfying and leaves us with nothing but good memories.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

5. The relationship of mutual dependence.

Some may label this as “clingy,” but I personally see nothing wrong with a relationship where two people depend on each other to get through life.

Let me reiterate.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a relationship of mutual dependence IF you know where to draw the line.

So go ahead, be clingy, be overly lovey dovey and depend on each other for comfort, support, and your other emotional needs.

I mean honestly, isn’t that what we all want from our relationships?

6. The REAL male & female friendship.

7 Types of Healthy Relationships You Deserve to Experience at Least Once in Life

Have you ever came across a man and woman that seemed to be the perfect match for each other, but were not actually a couple?

Well, you might or might not be surprised to learn that countless men and women have relationships where sexual intimacy and attraction is absent, and they are just content with being friends.

However, this type of relationship only works when both the parties are completely satisfied with being just friends.

It’s 100% not a real friendship if low-key he wants to date you or get you in bed and vice versa. (One of our writers drilled this point home perfectly in a previous article.)

And even though Steve Harvey says men and women can’t be friends I think it’s perfectly fine and possible if boundaries are set, respected, and there are no ulterior motives.

7. The relationship of complete and unconditional love.

This is undoubtedly the most perfect form of love that anyone can experience in their lifetime.

Here, commitment, intimacy, and passion are equally strong and it allows a couple to see through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

People experiencing complete and unconditional love can proudly say that they have found their best friend in their lover and so much more.

You’ve found your soul mate and life partner. Passion, commitment, and intimacy come naturally.

Complete and unconditional love is something that we should all aspire to find because it helps us become the best version of ourselves.


Relationships come in many different flavors, and many of those flavors aren’t healthy. In fact, some relationships are outright toxic.

The goal should be to remove yourself from relationships that stress you and steal your joy and invite healthy relationships into your life.

The more, the better.

It’s your responsibility to seek out relationships that give you the joy and emotional fulfillment that you deserve.

Don’t cheat yourself out of lasting happiness.

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