Reality Check: Never Deny What Your Intuition Is Telling You...

Reality Check: Never Deny What Your Intuition Is Telling You…

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Here’s a scenario I know many women have faced.

You haven’t heard from your partner all day. Which is a bit concerning because it’s completely unlike him… So you call or text him…

What you receive is a dry response. His attitude seems to be that you’re somehow bothering him even though you haven’t spoken all day.

You can feel the disconnect and the security you once felt in the relationship is fading fast.

Is there someone else? Have you done something wrong? Is it your fault?

Those questions run through your mind.

Well, let me start by saying if you have done everything to the best of your abilities for yourself and your relationship it definitely isn’t your fault.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before if you’re a fan of ourĀ We Are Black Queens Facebook page, but I’m going to say it again:

People make time for who and what they want.

That gut feeling you’re getting that something isn’t right? Has it ever steered you wrong?

Woman’s intuition has saved you from heartache before. What’s so different this time?

Read the writing on the wall that is telling you that this relationship has reached its expiration date.

When the milk in the fridge smells bad before the expiration date, we throw it away.

So, what’s wrong with throwing that toxic relationship in the trash with it?

You are not a priority, more like an option at this junction in your dealings with this person. So, make your exit before you waste more of your valuable time with someone who seems to have already checked out on you.

You know the end is near, even though you wish it wasn’t.

You have poured your heart into this relationship and almost wonder what your life will be like without it.

Guess what? Your life will be fine and so will you.

Move on from the up and down seesaw people call a complicated relationship on Facebook.

Go live your life and enjoy yourself without the title that only you are claiming. Be free enough so when the right one comes along, you won’t have to free up space.

You’re 100% worth respect, attention, and honor… Even if your current partner doesn’t realize it…

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