You Have to Acknowledge This After a Breakup If You Want to Move Forward

You Have to Acknowledge This After a Breakup If You Want to Move Forward

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Here’s one thing many people fail to acknowledge after recovering from a bad breakup: If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine life loving the right person.

What I tend to notice is that the people that don’t have this revelation are hesitant to start dating again, often times for years, while the ones that do recognize this reality re-enter the dating scene with renewed energy and optimism.

If you’ve found yourself on reluctance side of this equation you have to try to come to terms with the fact that the person you loved so much that you couldn’t live without was the wrong person.

As you’ve healed and gotten back some of that personality you are known for, you have noticed one thing: You’re still alive and flourishing without that person you couldn’t live without.

You loved the wrong person with all your heart and made some of the greatest memories.

A love for the record books that in its brief existence was fantastic and phenomenal. Unfortunately though, long term the smiles and butterflies made way for tears and agony.

This wasn’t what you signed up for, no matter how you tried to sugarcoat it.

Not being able to see the blessing in disguise, weeping endured and the tears streamed down your cheeks. The weight loss from the breakup, the unhealthy thoughts floating through your mind.

The healing process took a little longer than you would have hoped for but you still survived.

You loved the wrong one, with all your heart and tried your best to make it work. But long term you two were destined to fail and deep down inside you felt it yourself.

However, you pushed forward, further into a relationship twilight zone as weeks turned into months and months into years.

So much time wasted that will never be reclaimed as yours for full ownership. Imagine all this time given to the person who really deserved it.

If you can love the wrong person, picture loving the right person. (think about it for a second.)

The person who truly cares about your well-being.

The person who is concerned about how your day went.

The person who makes sure you have eaten and are taking care of yourself.

The person who doesn’t want to think of their life without you in it.

The right person for you can and will transform your life.

So don’t give up on love.

Loving the right person brings an unexplainable swagger out of you.

Loving the wrong person is a task and more of a headache than anything else. Envision loving the right person and how your life will transform… Now get up, get out, and go find true love.

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