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Hi I’m Gloria the content manager at, thank you for your interest in writing for our website.

If you are a talented writer and have a passion for helping others, providing great advice, and entertaining then we would love to have you contribute to our community

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for your contribution you will enjoy exposure to the daily readers that visit this site, an opportunity to promote your own website, blog, twitter, Facebook, and email newsletter opt-in. (At the end of each guest post we will include a short bio of who you are along with links to your blog and social network accounts)

Your primary motivation for writing for should be to contribute to the community by sharing your relationship knowledge and experiences with our readers, If that resonates with you then please apply.

What is required of you?

• Your articles must be a minimum of 500 words and no more than 900 words

• All content you provide that is published on should be original and created by you, and only made available on this site, you cannot republish it online elsewhere.


We are looking for people that can provide great advice to the community while also being engaging and entertaining, we hold very high standards of our writers and try to bring the best advice to our audience, so your contributions should be of a very high quality.

How to apply

If any of this sounds appealing to you then please get in touch with us.

What we want to see is samples of your writing, videos, or podcast. We are after people who match the style- down to earth, good story tellers, great teachers with a practical from the heart authenticity that shines through your writing.

Send us links to your previous work, along with the article or articles that you would like to submit, we will take a look and then let you know if you would be a good fit. If the material you submit is high quality and your previous works exhibit expertise then we would love to have you here as a contributor.

If you have any questions, please ask when you apply.

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